Tom Brady’s Contract Guarantees Have Nearly Doubled

Tom Brady recently signed a three year contract extension with the New England Patriots, guaranteeing the star quarterbacks return through the 2017 season. Not only has Brady secured his NFL future, he will be receiving nearly double the pay guarantees witnessed on his last contract.

Tom Brady’s new contract actually lowered his base salary, a move meant to increase salary-cap. However, the superstar quarterback will witness higher guarantees over the next five seasons.

Under his former contract, Brady was guaranteed $30 million. Now the QB will receive a guaranteed $57 million for the next five years regardless of playing status.

Tom Brady will receive a $10 million payment from that signing bonus in 2013, $5 million on February 15, 2014, $10 million during the 2014 season, and $5 million on February 15, 2015.

In 2013, Brady will earn $1 million followed by $2 million in 2014. The QBs salary is guaranteed for both seasons. Originally, Brady would have earned $9.75 million for each season.

In 2015 and 2016, Brady will be guaranteed $7 million (injury only guarantee), followed by a $9 million injury only guarantee in 2017.

Here is the full breakdown of salary cap charges:

2013: $13.8 million

2014: $14.8 million

2015: $13 million

2016: $14 million

2017: $15 million

Given his one catastrophic injury that kept him out of the 2008 season the New England Patriots are putting quick a bit of money on their aging star QB.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have also left open the option of restructuring the deal in the future. A further restructuring down the road could help the Patriots secure more salary cap space as deemed necessary.

Do you think $57 million guaranteed to Tom Brady in the quarterback position is worth the risk?