Sarah Jessica Parker Under Fire For Singling Out 'LGBT Veterans' In Memorial Day Tribute

Sarah Jessica Parker's Memorial Day tribute has sparked controversy. In an Instagram post to honor the day of remembrance for fallen soldiers, the Divorce star gave a special shout-out to veterans from the LGBTQ community. But not everyone embraced the special mention, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

Parker captioned a photo of the America flag with a caption honoring all of the "men, women, LGBT veterans who sacrificed" their lives for their county. And while some of SJP's followers appreciated the LGBT inclusion, others accused Parker of being too "politically correct" in her Memorial Day post.

Several people commented to ask Sarah Jessica Parker why it can't just be "everyone that served?" without mentioning specific groups. Some pointed out that not all people want to be singled out for their sexuality. Others suggested Parker should have just kept her tribute to "veterans" and that the May holiday is about lost lives and not other issues that are going on today.

"Is an 'LGBT' not a man or woman?? LOL. This country has gone mad," one commenter wrote of Sarah Jessica Parker's post.

"I'm waiting for the special Muslim service people shout out," an especially exasperated commenter wrote. "Make me vomit."

Other fans thanked Sarah Jessica for the post and agreed that there is a need to be inclusive on the heels of Donald Trump's recent transgender military ban.

Sarah Jessica has long been a supporter of LGBTQ rights. The HBO star recently admitted that her former show, Sex and the City, failed the community during its six-season run from 1998 to 2004.

In an interview at Wall Street Journal's Future of Everything Festival last year, Parker pointed to the show's all-white cast and the lack of LGBTQ representation. While the SATC girls didn't shy away from experimentation and gay clubs, the scenes that briefly showcased the gay community lacked depth and were questionable at best.

When Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, dated a bisexual man in Season 3 of the HBO series, her posse concluded that bisexuality is almost always just a "layover to Gaytown." Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) described bisexuality as "greedy double dipping." Meanwhile, Carrie's pal Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) described herself as a "try-sexual," explaining that she'll try anything once.

Sarah Jessica Parker has not commented on the controversy over her Memorial Day post. The actress is known to speak her mind and recently publicly called out The National Enquirer for allegedly making up a phony story about a non-existent "screaming match" between her and her husband Matthew Broderick ahead of their 22nd wedding anniversary.