May 28, 2019
Porsha Williams Eats Scrambled Eggs While Baby Pilar Sleeps In 'Mommy Got Nerve' Video

Porsha Williams has been sharing a few videos of her baby girl but not many come complete with breakfast, though. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star became a mother to Pilar Jhena two months ago. On May 27, Porsha took to the social media account she's set up for her baby.

The Instagram video is filmed at rapid speed. It shows Pilar fast asleep on her mother's lap. The 37-year-old appears to be multi-tasking. Porsha and her baby are in front of a plate of scrambled eggs with ketchup. What looks like fried potatoes seem to complete the plate's contents. A sliced bagel with cream cheese is also nearby. While Porsha's face isn't visible, her hand is. It's holding a fork that's scooping up the eggs and suggesting the star to be enjoying her breakfast. The update also comes with a still photo. Here, Pilar is seen snoozing in a peach-colored onesie with the eggs platter appearing untouched. Presumably, the still snap was taken before Porsha started eating.

A caption suggests that Porsha has interpreted her baby's thoughts. It has mentioned, "[eating] over my head." Hashtags of "TheDisrespect" and "MommyGotNerve" were used.

Fans appeared to be loving the whole thing.

"Oooh I know you must be tired bestfriend! [sic] Letting her eat over you like that," one wrote.

Another fan seemed easily able to relate to the situation.

"OMG I use [sic] to do this with my son while he was in the carrier and drop food on his head," they wrote.

Many users commented that Pilar looks like her father. Dennis McKinley is frequently mentioned in the comments section of Pilar's snaps. Fans seem convinced that this little one is the spitting image of her father.

"Look like her dad," one fan wrote.

"Daddy's twin huh" was another comment.

Porsha and Dennis became engaged in September 2018 after the 42-year-old proposed to Porsha on-air. While fans likely know that Porsha once longed for twins, they are also aware of how overjoyed Porsha is with the results of her pregnancy. Pilar is now a major feature on Porsha's Instagram – her choice to dedicate an entire account to Pilar is further proof of her adoration. Pilar has 146,000 Instagram followers.

With eggs on the menu, an adorable sleeping baby, and a funny caption, the video proved a hit. Porsha has not, however, shared the footage to her own Instagram account. Fans wishing to keep up with Porsha's motherhood journey should follow her Instagram where Porsha's bio offers a link to Pilar's account.