Luann De Lesseps Reportedly Says New Probation Medication Requirement Is ‘Offensive’

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Luann de Lesseps is having a difficult week. After being dragged back to court in Palm Beach, Florida, the Real Housewives of New York star narrowly dodged jail time but was ordered to take anti-drinking medication, wear a breathalyzer, and attend weekly counseling sessions instead. Now Luann is fuming about the decision, which she thinks, according to one source, is “borderline offensive.”

On May 23, a Florida judge ordered Luann to head to jail, but within a few hours had changed the decision to allow the reality star to modify her parole agreement instead.

According to Radar Online, rather than thanking her lucky stars that she isn’t behind bars, Luann is upset about the strict new rules that she has to live by during her probation. According to one source close to her, she finds the rules “completely unnecessary.”

“She thinks the anti-drinking medication is borderline offensive,” the insider revealed.

“She’s convinced she is the victim here, and downplays all of it when she speaks to her costars.”

The housewife isn’t taking her situation seriously, the source added.

“She jokes about her arrest, and thinks its all a great storyline.”

But as reported by The Inquisitr earlier today, her attitude and misbehavior could get her canned from the Bravo show. “When it comes to disobeying the law and making a mockery out of the system, Bravo has zero tolerance,” the source said.

“She thinks that she is invincible, and producers are really starting to think that being on the show is just making her problems worse,” another source said.

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Luann was arrested in December 2017 for disorderly intoxication and trespassing, as well as assaulting an officer. She pled guilty and was sentenced by the judge to probation. But reportedly, the star hasn’t been adhering to her end of the bargain. She recently admitted that she had a few drinks in Chicago earlier this year while traveling for her cabaret show. She reportedly failed her sobriety test.

She has also been accused of failing to show up for her court-mandated Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, another violation of her parole.

Luann has said that she takes her sobriety seriously, but that she has been struggling to maintain her parole terms, according to a report from The Inquisitr. A friend close to the reality star defended her, saying that while she hasn’t maintained her sobriety, she has taken the court order seriously. According to that source, she has completed her MADD course and community service.