'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease Nelle's Return, Baby Swap Story May Finally Conclude With Chloe Lanier Back

General Hospital spoilers tease that the big baby swap storyline may finally conclude soon. Viewers have been anxious to see the truth revealed and all of the latest chaos has seemingly been moving in the direction of a bombshell reveal being on the horizon. Now, reports share that Chloe Lanier will soon reprise her role as Nelle Benson and fans have to think that's connected to the truth finally coming out.

Last week, Shiloh learned that Willow had been pregnant with his baby and he didn't believe her when she said she had miscarried. Lucas figured out that Willow and Shiloh were "Wiley's" birth parents and Brad and Willow both panicked over the possibility that Shiloh could fight the placement since she'd never told him about the adoption.

Of course, Brad is the only one in this group who knows that the baby being raised as Wiley is not the baby Willow placed for adoption. That baby died, and Nelle gave Brad her son with Michael, Jonah. Liesl knows that Nelle lied about her baby dying at birth, but so far, she's kept this bombshell to herself.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lanier will pop up again with a fresh round of drama during the week of June 10. At this point, General Hospital spoilers have not revealed how many episodes she will appear in or exactly what her storyline arc will be.

Additional General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 10 should begin to emerge soon and the available summer spoilers don't share much yet about the baby swap storyline. However, Brad is in full-blown panic mode and Michael has told the group they need to stick together to protect Wiley. Given all of that, it seems like the perfect time to bring Nelle back into the chaos in some way.

Fans have been speculating for months now about how Michael and Jonah would finally be reunited. Some wonder if Brad might pay a visit to Nelle soon to talk to her about how complicated this situation is getting. Unfortunately, revealing that Wiley is really Jonah doesn't give Brad anything better to work with than the mess he's got now.

Brad may try to stick with the story that a homeless woman happened to give him her baby right as Willow and Shiloh's birth son died. That's the story Brad told Julian and it keeps people from realizing that the baby is actually Michael's son. This story still generates issues with the adoption being legal, but it may be Brad's best bet at this point.

Wiley could develop a health problem on top of all this and that could be what blows this situation wide open. He already was checked out for having the same heart issue Michael and AJ had, but he's been healthy ever since then.

If the baby's heart issue causes new issues or anything else developed where he perhaps needed a blood match or something similar, that could be the final catalyst for the truth coming out.

Granted, General Hospital spoilers haven't guaranteed that the baby swap storyline will come to an end with this upcoming arc involving Nelle. It may well drag on for weeks or months yet, although fans are anxious for closure. Additional details should emerge soon and viewers cannot wait to see where this heads next.