Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Tuesday: Scott And Julian Have Ava’s Back

Michael YadaABC Press

It looks like Scott has become Ava’s knight in shining armor on ABC’s General Hospital. On Tuesday’s episode, Ava was sitting at the PCPD after she stabbed Ryan Chamberlain in the back on Friday’s cliffhanger. She set him up, but she had the last say in the fate of Kiki’s killer. All she wanted to know is if he survived the attack so that she can celebrate her success or not.

Ava’s plan to lure Ryan Chamberlain out of hiding worked perfectly, that is until Curtis showed up to spoil her fun. He convinced her to let the PCPD take him away and she agreed. But then she saw her opportunity in the form of a knife and did her best to avenge her daughter’s death. Now she is waiting for her own fate when she gets in front of a judge. Scott tried convincing Ava to plead not guilty in the attempted murder of Ryan. He wants to go with the temporary insanity plea, but she wouldn’t budge. She wants to plead guilty. SheKnows Soaps reports that Scott will be giving Ava the support she needs soon, but his support has already started by getting her to change her mind about the guilty plea.

Scott even got a little sentimental with Ava when he told her that she mattered to him. However, even that didn’t get her to change her mind. Scott knows how close Ava is with her brother Julian, so he called him in for reinforcement. He knows exactly what to say to his sister. He let her know that if she goes down for the crime, then Ryan wins. That also means that she wouldn’t be able to seek revenge if Ryan survives and she lands in prison.

Ava suddenly changed her tune because after all, revenge is the name of the game for her. When Scott came back to the room, he was happy to hear that she changed her mind and is pleading not guilty.

Scott has been worried for Ava ever since she found out that she was engaged to Ryan, not Kevin Collins. He really cares about her and wants to help, but she has pretty much resisted his help so far. General Hospital fans are hoping that these two will end up together very soon, as reported by The Inquisitr. It sounds like they will be spending more time together, so it’s possible that the writers could be listening.

Will Ava and Scott finally be a couple? Keep watching General Hospital to see if that happens down the road.