Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Chapman Says That Family Members 'Make Things Worse' As She Fights Cancer

Beth Chapman commiserated with a fan who told her that they were dealing with throat cancer, like Beth, while struggling with a family member who is making things difficult.

As HollywoodLife reports, on Monday Beth and a fan had an exchange on Twitter -- one which seems to suggest that Beth's feud with her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, is still going on. Twitter user @BrendaElsamille tweeted to Beth that she is also going through throat cancer, writing, "Someone in my family claims that it is just drama when you are so sick in hospital." Beth responded by agreeing with her fan, tweeting, "Yes I agree there is very insensitive talk that goes on amongst family members that's not appropriate for the person going through it. It actually makes things worse."

Although neither Beth nor her fan named names, the exchange comes as Beth and Lyssa appear to be in the midst of a feud.

It all started a few days after Mother's Day. As reported at the time by The Inquisitr, Beth publicly called out Lyssa -- who is the daughter of her husband, Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman, from a previous relationship -- for seemingly "snubbing" her on Mother's Day.

Specifically, Beth claimed that Lyssa had failed to wish her a happy Mother's Day, even though, as Beth claimed, Lyssa had texted other moms on that day. Beth also claimed that Lyssa kept Beth and Duane from attending the graduation of Lyssa's daughter, Abbie.

When a fan asked Beth why she was airing her family's dirty laundry publicly, on social media, Beth claimed that Lyssa had blocked Beth's number -- and so the Dog the Bounty Hunter star had no choice but to try to get Lyssa's attention by calling her out on Twitter.

The next day, as The Inquisitr reported, Lyssa came back with some allegations of her own. She claimed that Beth was lying, even going so far as to provide a screenshot of a Mother's Day message to "Grandma," purportedly from Abbie. She also claimed that Beth couldn't have attended Abbie's graduation, as the reality TV starlet wasn't even in Hawaii at the time. Further, Lyssa denied that she had blocked Beth's phone number.

"I'm sorry you feel some type of way," she told her stepmother in the tweet. "You want to talk, you got my number."

Duane Chapman has fathered 11 children, two with Beth and the other nine in previous relationships. Unfortunately, only nine of those children survive, as two died at young ages. Beth calls her stepchildren her "bonus" kids.