Chris Kattan Says He Was Pressured To Have Sex With ‘Clueless’ Director Amy Heckerling

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Chris Kattan, a Saturday Night Live cast member known for playing characters like Mango and Mr. Peepers, has written a new memoir called Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live. Kattan had already revealed, weeks ago, that he had once broken his neck in an on-set incident, one that derailed his career, per The Inquisitr.

Now, Kattan is alleging something even more shocking: He was pressured by longtime Saturday Night Live honcho Lorne Michaels to have sex with Amy Heckerling, who at that point was set to direct him in the 1998 movie A Night At The Roxbury. That film was an adaptation of a recurring SNL sketch from the previous couple of years about three men who dance together in a nightclub.

Kattan says in the book that he was propositioned prior to the start of production of the movie by Heckerling, who is best known as the director of the iconic 1990s film Clueless as well as the 1982 movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Kattan, who was dating actress Jennifer Coolidge at the time, turned her down but wrote that he was later called by Michaels, who told him that Heckerling was refusing to direct the movie and that Kattan had to keep her happy.

“I’m not saying you have to f-ck her, but it wouldn’t hurt,” Michaels told Kattan, per the actor’s book. Kattan was also told not to tell Will Ferrell, his co-star and then-writing partner, about the incident, which Kattan says hurt his relationship with his former SNL co-star. He writes that he did have sex once with Heckerling, who ended up not directing the movie; she is credited as a producer.

The book passages were first noticed by journalist Seth Simons, as reported by Decider. The site reported that “a source with knowledge of the situation told Decider this did not happen,” which is certainly one of the more oddly-worded denials in recent history.

Kattan also writes in the book about how his neck injury, which he suffered during a 2001 stunt during an SNL Golden Girls parody, caused him to develop a painkiller addiction. The drug dependence significantly affected his career. Kattan disclosed the injury for the first time nearly 20 years later after he was eliminated quickly from Dancing with the Stars.

In addition to occasional TV roles in recent years. Kattan starred in 2017’s Sharknado 5: Global Swarming as the prime minister.