Japanese Man Dies On International Flight After Reportedly Ingesting 246 Bags Of Cocaine

Joshua LottGetty Images

A Japanese man died on an international flight out of Mexico City after he reportedly ingested 246 bags of cocaine and began suffering seizures.

The incident took place after the plane — bound for Narita International Airport in Japan — was in flight over Mexico’s Sonora state after taking off from Mexico City. As the BBC reported, the man died of a cerebral edema that was brought on by a drug overdose. After he died, an autopsy was conducted, and medical examiners found small plastic bags in his stomach and intestines.

The bizarre circumstances of the man’s death prompted international attention, with some news outlets even publishing an X-ray photo of the enormous stash of bags crowded into the man’s digestive tract.

This is far from the first time that someone had allegedly tried to smuggle massive amounts of cocaine in odd ways. Back in 2013, a 32-year-old named Rasoul Spreight was arrested after authorities said they found 100 bags of cocaine stuffed into his anus — a feat which The Smoking Gun noted “appears to be a new record.”

Spreight was approached by police officers in New Jersey while he was driving on the Palisades Interstate Expressway, and they initially suspected that he was holding marijuana. While they didn’t find any of that drug on their suspect, they learned that Spreight had outstanding traffic warrants. Officers brought Spreight into the police headquarters, where they conducted a body cavity search — ultimately finding the massive stash of cocaine.

Police said that Spreight and another person were headed to Upstate New York to sell the drugs, which had a total street value of $2,000 — all allegedly stuffed into his anus.

The following year, a commercial pilot from Texas called 911 for medical help after a bag of cocaine he had been hiding in his stomach reportedly burst during the flight. The Dallas-area pilot was actually a passenger on the flight from Colombia to Houston, and police learned that it was not just the one bag that he was stashing. As The Daily Mail reported, the man was in possession of 62 bags of heroin, as well.

The off-duty pilot was taken to a Houston hospital, where doctors performed emergency surgery. Police later charged the man with felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance — and once he was out of the hospital, the man was booked in jail. His bail was set at $500,000.

Authorities in Mexico are continuing to investigate the death of the Japanese man who allegedly ingested 246 bags of cocaine.