Jennifer Lopez Reveals Whether Her Daughter Will Join Her On Tour, Says ‘She’s Got Her Daddy’s Voice’

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Jennifer Lopez has given an exclusive interview in the run-up to her “It’s My Party” tour. The 49-year-old has spoken out on whether or not her 11-year-old daughter will be joining her – in fact, she’s revealed her thoughts on Emme entering show business in general.

As Entertainment Tonight reports on May 28, Lopez has been singing her daughter’s praises. That said, a career in music isn’t written in stone for Emme.

Speaking to the media outlet, Jennifer detailed Emme’s singing abilities.

“She’s got her daddy’s voice. She’s amazing. It’s natural. Emme could always sing. I remember when she was in the crib, when she was a baby, she used to be humming, like, really humming to herself.”

The World of Dance judge added that her former husband, Marc Anthony, used to say that singing “[felt] good” to Emme. Anthony is father to Lopez’s twins Maximilian and Emme. He is also a singer.

Lopez didn’t confirm whether or not her daughter would be appearing on her upcoming tour — however, she did reveal her thoughts on the concept. For this mother, it’s up to her daughter – Emme will make an appearance if she chooses to.

“If she wants to and feels comfortable,” Jennifer said.

“Like, when she wanted to do the ‘Limitless’ video, I was very, very wary of letting her do it. But she was like, ‘Please mom, don’t pick another little girl. Pick me. I can do it.’ And she did. She was amazing,” the singer added.

As a mother of two and a major celebrity, Jennifer is frequently photographed in the company of her family members. The star’s two children also regularly feature on their mother’s social media feeds. Fans will know that Emme’s voice has already been shared to Lopez’s Instagram feed. At least one Instagram video showed Emme singing, with Emme following her mother around a studio setting.

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Celebrity children often follow in the footsteps of their famous parents. Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, has entered the modeling business. American Pie actor Eugene Levy stars alongside his son, Daniel Levy, in the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek. The music world is no different. Miley Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a well-known artist. Norah Jones’ father, Ravi Shankar, is a famous sitar player.

Whether or not Emme will show her face during Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming tour remains to be seen. The option to do so appears to be on the table, though.

“Listen, if she was going to do it, there’s nothing I could do to stop her,” Lopez said.

Fans wishing to see more of Emme should follow Jennifer’s Instagram account.