Sophie Turner Travel Fashion Goes From Nearly Nude Frock To Silk Pajamas

Sophie Turner is one foxy traveler. The Game of Thrones thespian showed up in South Korea on Memorial Day Sunday to prove her sartorial sauciness by arriving at Seoul's Incheon International Airport after her long haul flight wearing green silk pajamas. The men's style sleepwear from Olivia von Halle, which featured white outlines on both the top and the bottom, was paired with classic white sneakers and matching socks, per a picture featured on InStyle. She also rocked a pair of matte black sunglasses.

Turner's hair was pulled up into a messy topknot but looked perfectly chic after the long international flight. But this was not the first appearance for the aforementioned PJs. Joe Jonas' new bride shared the same look but with a more flowing hairstyle in an Instagram pic taken a day before her Asian trip.

Sophie was pictured beside a bevy of other beautiful women while sitting on a rooftop. Among the post's 10 thousand comments, Miley Cyrus admitted she was "jelly" that she wasn't apparently part of this "fun" gathering. Turner's latest post was liked by more than 1.1 million of her whopping 13.3 million current followers.

Meanwhile, back to Seoul, the 23-year-old stepped out of her beloved pajamas and into her red carpet attire for the South Korean premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Monday. Talk about a complete contrast of style. Her daring turtleneck dress with its exposed zipper and cinched waist from Louis Vuitton was made of chainmail. Just chainmail. And it sparkled.

However, perhaps to be sure she wasn't turned away from the red carpet for showing too much skin, this fashionista added two extra pieces underneath the metal outer layer. These co-ordinating Vuitton garments, both done in black-and-silver stripes, consisted of a bralet up top and a mini skirt down below to hide her most intimate assets. Her stiletto sandals carried the Louis Vuitton monogram on the ankle strap.

This time, Sophie's hair was not only edgy, but elegant. With the use of some powerful product, her long locks were slicked back and tucked behind her ears, putting her pretty face on show. The actress wore minimal make-up save for some expertly applied eyeliner that framed her mesmerizing gray-blue eyes.

It's been a busy month for the British actress, who married Joe Jonas earlier this May. The deed was reportedly done in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator, says CNN. Her wedding dress was white and included a veil but not much more is known about this particular frock.

On May 8, she was also seen at the TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Airport sitting inside the iconic Eero Saarinen-designed architectural wonder which was transformed from a simple terminal to a jet age hotel. Per Town and Country magazine, she was there with Joe to witness the Louis Vuitton fashion show that introduced his 2020 cruise collection and that included the nearly-nude chainmail dress she subsequently wore to the Dark Phoenix premiere in Seoul.

Boy, Sophie Turner and her suitcases full of stylish clothing sure do get around.