Italian Model Valentina Fradegrada Sunbathes Fully Topless In Nothing But String Briefs

Italian sensation Valentina Fradegrada appears to be enjoying the sun. The model's latest Instagram update comes with a sun-drenched coastal setting, an Ibiza, Spain geotag, and not much in the way of clothing.

On May 28, Valentina updated her Instagram. Three snaps show the brunette lounging on a towel. A glass-paneled balcony behind her overlooks blue waters and distant hills, although most eyes are likely on the foreground. Taking it up with her sensational bronzed body is Valentina. She's fully topless in nothing but a pair of black string bikini briefs.

The first photo shows Fradegrada shot close up. She's propping herself up with her right elbow as a casually-placed left arm covers her modesty. Valentina is looking directly at the camera as she soaks up the rays. The camera has zoomed further out for the second snap. This time, Fradegrada is kneeling. Her right arm is covering her chest, but a healthy amount of skin is still on show. The model's cleavage and underboob are markedly visible. Likewise drawing attention are Valentina's tan skin, toned thighs, and flat stomach. The third and final image is more relaxed as Valentina is once again lying down here.

A popular Instagram model in next to nothing is going to rake in the engagement.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts.

"Strongest human go girl," one wrote.

The comment likely pertains to Valentina's motivational caption. Valentina wrote that she began to appreciate herself "almost two years ago." Given the "Super Human" mentioned in aiding Valentina finding a love "that never ends," the caption has likely given a nod to the man in her life – prior updates have shown the model with what appears to be a boyfriend.

While Fradegrada's man does feature on her Instagram, the account is largely dedicated to showcasing the model's super-fit physique, feminine curves, and the skimpy swimwear wore to flaunt them. Valentina mostly takes to the platform for solo appearances, although she will pose with another model on occasion. A snap with fellow model Julia Rose (seen above) saw the girls in twinning swimwear.
Clothing might err on the minimal side for Fradegrada, but mentions of it are proving lucrative for her. As Valentina's bio states, she is a Fashion Nova ambassador. The affordable clothing line is known for partnering up with Instagram's popular faces. Valentina is also a KO Watches ambassador.

Valentina has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to keep up to date with her should subscribe to her account.