Beto O’Rourke Apologizes To Staff & Wife For Being A ‘Giant A**hole’ During Campaign Against Ted Cruz

Ethan MillerGetty Images

In a new documentary for HBO, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke comes clean with campaign staffers and his wife, admitting that he wasn’t the easiest guy to work with on the trail for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat.

The Daily Beast says that in the new documentary, Running With Beto, director David Modigliani follows the presidential candidate on the campaign trail with a “fly-on-the-wall” approach to O’Rourke’s efforts at grassroots fundraising and barnstorming the state of Texas against incumbent Ted Cruz.

The documentary debuted at SXSW and will air on HBO for the first time on Tuesday, May 28. O’Rourke spoke at the event following the screening, saying that he was unsure when Modigliani asked if he could shadow him on the campaign trail to make a documentary film.

“David asked me if he could do this one day at breakfast in Austin. I was like, what the f**k, I mean, we’re running for Senate and if you want to bring a camera along sometimes… I just didn’t think it would be this.”

Modigliani presented a “warts and all” approach which showed O’Rourke being “charismatic yet controlling” on the campaign trail and losing his temper with staffers, including his road manager, Cynthia Cano, who was charged with keeping the candidate on schedule.

In Running With Beto, the Democratic presidential candidate is seen giving a concession speech in his backyard in El Paso with his wife Amy, exclaiming “I’m so fu**ing proud of you guys” and admitting that he realizes that he was a real pain occasionally while running for office.

“I just feel very, very lucky, and I love you guys more than you’ll ever know. I know I was a giant a**hole to be around sometimes, and you all never allowed my shortcomings to get in the way of running the best campaign this state has ever seen.”

The O’Rourke campaign is hoping that the release of this documentary will give their candidate a much-needed shot in the arm going forward in the Democratic primary race. But The New Yorker is not sure, posing the question, “Can Beto Bounce Back?” in a new article, which says that the Beto on the national campaign trail is a somewhat muted O’Rourke who desperately tries to avoid speaking disparagingly of anyone, except for perhaps himself.

At O’Rourke’s campaign events, the biggest applause comes into play when he ends a speech with the line “Defeat Donald Trump,” but he seems reluctant to even go there on the campaign trail, instead choosing a tone of bringing people together rather than being divisive.