Jenelle Evans Says Her Season Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Was ‘Horrible’ On Reunion Special

John LamparskiGetty Images for Indonesian Diversity

With Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 coming to a close and the reunion specials wrapping up next week, fans are already aware that Jenelle Evans will not be returning for another season. However, on the most recent part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Jenelle opened up about her past season on the show and said it was “horrible,” according to Too Fab.

On the first part of the reunion special, Jenelle ran off stage when she was confronted by the host, Nessa, about some social media comments she had made. Negative comments about Colin Kaepernick, who just so happens to be Nessa’s boyfriend, appeared on Jenelle’s social media account. Nessa explained why she confronted Jenelle when the mom of three came back on stage, but Jenelle still claimed to have not posted the comments, claiming rather that they were posted by someone else.

“I have people writing this on my account, for me, for ads, for those pictures. So that wasn’t me.”

Nessa replied, “At the end of the day, it’s still your account. Whether it was you or somebody else, I can only hold you accountable for it because it came from you.”

Hoping to change the trajectory of the interview, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, asked Jenelle to talk about her season. In reply to her mother, Jenelle said her season had been “horrible.” However, Barbara had a different take on things and said the two “had fun” together.

In fact, Jenelle and her mother spent significantly more time together this season than in the past. Rather than fighting, the two got along over the course of Season 9, and Jenelle revealed that her mother had even spent the holidays with Jenelle and her family. Despite things going better with her mom, Jenelle insisted that things did not go well during her season.”

“It’s bad that I’m not filming at my house, filming what’s going on,” Jenelle explained.

While the other cast members have been able to film at their homes, the show’s crew chose not to film at Jenelle’s house due to threats from her husband that he would show up during production. David had appeared on the show before being fired, and the crew would not film Jenelle while he was around.

Jenelle was asked why she wasn’t mad at David for “burning those bridges” and Jenelle stated she will continue to defend her husband.

“Because I love him and he’s a great father. You don’t think I haven’t had those conversations? But I’m going to sit here and defend him, I’m not going to sit here and talk s*** about him.”

Jenelle insisted there were “good things” going on at her house and that everyone was “getting along,” but she was sad no one could see that on the show.

Although Jenelle questioned her future with the show toward the end of the reunion, she was let go by MTV and will not be filmed for the upcoming season.