Janet Jackson Shares A-List Celebrity Meet-And-Greet Photos From Her 'Metamorphosis' Vegas Show

Janet Jackson started her Las Vegas residency, "Metamorphosis," earlier this month, and has been killing it at each show.

The Inquisitr noted the fans' reactions to the first show as they shared their excitement via social media. Soon after, big online publications were also quick to praise the show with rave reviews, per The Inquisitr.

The first leg, which has concluded, has been attended by many familiar faces, some who are considered huge A-list stars. Recently, The Inquisitr reported that Beyonce and Kelly Rowland watched the concert and were seen having the time of their life, dancing to her anthems.

Jackson has her own meet-and-greets for each show where she takes the time to meet with fans and celebrities behind a backdrop of the official "Metamorphosis" image.

On her official Instagram, she has shared a number of the photos of her taken with celebrities who were lucky enough to spend time with Jackson, as well as see her trailblazing show.

Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union had a group photo with Janet and attended the first show. All three of them are glowing and very pleased to be in each other's company. Jackson is owning a camo print jumpsuit, while Union wore a bright colored jacket. Latifah kept it chill in a black shirt.

The second image shows the "That's The Way Love Goes" hitmaker with Destiny's Child star, Kelly Rowland. Janet is wearing all-black while Kelly is wearing a black on the top, and light blue jeans on the bottom.

In a huge group photo consisting of six other people, Hailee Steinfeld is posing on the end in a black leather garment. The Bumblebee actress looks stunning and grateful to be in the photo with the pop icon.

Rapper Eve also showed Jackson some love on the opening night and wore an off-the-shoulder top that showed off her signature paw print tattoos on her chest.

Quest Love, Johnny Gill, and Tank were among some of the others who watched the show and met Jackson.

In a separate upload, Janet posted a photo with Tiger Woods. In her caption, she congratulated him on winning the 2019 Masters Tournament. In the second image, she is posed with Woods and Chia Obilo, whom she also congratulates for receiving an Earl Woods Scholarship.

"Metamorphosis" is currently the hottest ticket in Vegas, and shows just how relevant Janet is four decades into her career.