‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Explains Why She Will Never Be Friends With Her Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend

Nicholas HuntGetty Images for MTV

While Kailyn Lowry had a rocky past with her son’s stepmom, Vee Torres, in the past, the two women now get along very well. On the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, both Kailyn and Vee talked about their rocky past. According to a new MTV News report, Kailyn opened up about why she and Vee are able to have a close friendship and revealed why she will never have that with her ex-husband’s girlfriend, Lauren.

“Vee is a different person. My relationship and the ups and downs I went through with Jo related to our immaturity and our ages, whereas my situation with Javi and Lauren is different because it’s who we are.”

Viewers were introduced to Kailyn on her episode of 16 and Pregnant Season 2. It was on the show that she and her then boyfriend, Jo Rivera, found out they were expecting a son together. Despite trying to make their relationship work, things did not go well and the two went their separate ways. After Jo moved on with Vee, there was some animosity between her and Kail, but as Kailyn explained, that was due mostly to the fact that they were young.

Everyone has grown up and are getting along great which is beneficial for everyone, especially the kids. It is great to see the two moms share the stage together and even share an embrace. However, don’t expect to see Kailyn sharing a hug with Lauren anytime soon. The mom of three went on to explain why she won’t be friends with her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

“We are adults now. I will not be friends with [Lauren]. I will be cordial with her…but Vee and I grew up together. We did this whole parenting thing together.”

During the reunion, Kailyn was on Twitter and added, “My situation with Lauren will never be what it is with me & Vee. Vee and I grew up & went thruuuuu it together. The ups & Downs.”

Kailyn also added that she “couldn’t wish for a better stepmom” for her oldest son.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion is airing in three separate parts this year and rather than feature the entire cast on stage at the same time, each mom filmed their segments separately. Filming was done that way to keep the drama to a minimum between the cast and, so far, there hasn’t been too much.

The third and final part of the reunion special will air on MTV next Monday night.