Spoilers Tease Cam Ayala Runs Into Trouble With Hannah Brown, What’s The Scoop On This ‘Bachelorette’ Suitor?

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Viewers have already seen quite a bit of bachelor Cam Ayala during Hannah Brown’s run as ABC’s The Bachelorette. Spoilers tease that there are some big moments involving Cam and Hannah during Episode 3 airing on Monday, May 27, and viewers will probably be curious to know more about Ayala’s background as they watch these dramatic moments play out.

Ayala first popped up as one of Brown’s first contestants when she was announced as The Bachelorette during Colton Underwood’s Bachelor finale. In fact, Cam’s rapping skills scored him a rose after that initial introduction. He had Hannah laughing with more rapping during the first night of filming the new season, but last week he crashed a group date and ruffled some feathers.

Now, Cam will end up facing a difficult talk with Hannah after he crosses a line. A new sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page reveals the conflict that’s on the way. The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Brown will confront Ayala about some possible ulterior motives after he shares a personal story with her.

As The Inquisitr shared, Cam will tell some of the other guys that he has something serious to discuss with Hannah. This is apparently about a health issue from his past that he’s proud to have overcome, but Brown will hear from some of the other guys that Ayala is using this to tug at The Bachelorette star’s heartstrings.

Hannah will tell Cam that she heard he was worried before the tailgate party about being sent home without a rose during the next rose ceremony. Fellow contestant Mike Johnson will apparently tell Brown that Ayala essentially said he was going to reveal this big story about his background in hopes of getting a pity rose, and that does not sit well with The Bachelorette.

Spoilers tease that Hannah will not mince words as she confronts Cam about this and he will act stunned as she lays it all on the line. Ayala will surely scramble and try to convince Brown that what she heard wasn’t true, but teasers reveal that she’ll end up sending him home at that point.

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S E A T T L E VIBEZ ☕️ ???? ????

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While Cam initially charmed Hannah, viewers haven’t quite known what to make of him. His bio on ABC’s site shares that he’s a 30-year-old software salesman from Austin, Texas who describes himself as someone who has a competitive personality.

Ayala also believes that he is the “dance floor king” and the life of any party, and he plays the harmonica in addition to having a passion for rapping. Cam says the most important quality in a woman is good dental hygiene and he touts The Notebook as his favorite film.

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Okay, long post here. This is something that I have never been public about because I never wanted sympathy or for people to feel sorry for me. In 2002 I was officially diagnosed with #lymphedema a non-curable condition that is often misdiagnosed and completely understudied by medical professionals across the ???? I was told by dozens of doctors and “Specialists” that I would never be able to play competitive sports, and that I would have to manage this condition for the rest of my life. Receiving that news as a 12 year old boy was devastating because all I wanted to do was play ???? ⚾️ and ???? with my friends. After visiting over 20 clinics, I was finally given some treatment options. Through manual lymphatic drainage massage, leg pumps, and custom compression garments, I was given a second chance to live a “normal” life again. This didn’t come with countless nights of excruciating pain, swelling, and mental agony. Through the support of my family, friends, and music, I stopped focusing on my misfortunes and started prioritizing the blessings that I often took for granted. Fast forward to 2014, I experienced my first “episode” of infection in my right knee. The past 4 years brought me to the top medical hospitals in Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. After enduring 13 surgical procedures, the only consensus that the doctors came to was....amputation. The thought of losing my leg gave me crippling fear and anxiety. How would I ever be able to dance with my future wife, play sports with my future kids, and maintain a healthy lifestyle? As fate would have it, the experts at Boston Children’s Hospital performed a diagnostic procedure that saved my leg from being amputated in Dec. 2016. What I learned from my experience is that you HAVE TO 1) stay vigilant in your journey for treatment and answers. 2) Empathy and Sympathy are great but you ARE NOT entitled to them 3) “Pain is temporary, love is necessary” - Lil Wayne 4) There are support groups and resources available IF you seek them out 5) NEVER be ashamed of your story, it’s yours, and not everyone will understand nor is it your obligation to make them Wishing you a #MerryChristmas and a #HappyNewYear #2019

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As for the serious issue he talks to Hannah about, it seems certain that this is related to the health issues he first encountered at the age of 12. Ayala shared an Instagram post about it last December and he’s remained passionate about advocating for those experiencing similar health challenges.

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Cam Ayala will be exiting much earlier than he anticipated during Hannah Brown’s journey to find love. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that viewers won’t be seeing him again.

It seems virtually guaranteed that Ayala will be offered a spot on Bachelor in Paradise this summer if he wants it. Filming starts quite soon and it shouldn’t take too much longer for news to emerge regarding the final cast for Season 6 and whether Cam will be a part of it.