May 27, 2019
'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy Daydreams About Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will struggle with her own desires. Although she is playing it cool with regards to Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer's (Scott Clifton) marriage ending, it seems as if their breakup is affecting her on a very personal level.

Liam broke the news to her when she returned from Paris. She noted that he seemed rather depressed, and wondered why he was so down. He shared that Hope had decided to end their marriage. He explained that while he and Hope loved each other very much, he could not offer her an instant family. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) wanted her to be a mother to Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), and he could not compete with that.

During the week of May 27, Ridge Forrester will tell his daughter that he agrees with Hope's reasons for ending her marriage. He, too, feels that Hope could play a meaningful role in Douglas' life -- while Liam could return to his daughters. Ridge is also not averse to Steffy and Liam hooking up again, especially because they already share a daughter.

Steffy told Hope that she could not dictate the terms of her relationship with Liam. Just because Hope felt that he belonged with her and the girls, that did not mean that Steffy wanted the same thing. However, it appears as if she may have some feelings for Liam, despite everything that has happened.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently shared some insight into her character, per TV Insider. When asked about Steffy's pivotal decision to stay single, she explained why Steffy chose not to be with Liam -- or with Bill.

"To sit there and say, 'I choose me' is so unheard of on many shows. I put that [scene] on my reel as well. I felt that was so important for her to say that she doesn't need these guys. There is a love for Liam that will always be there, but her sanity is more important. She didn't want to pass being broken on to Kelly or Phoebe... I think it goes back to she'll always have feelings for Liam. It'd be nice for him to be there for their daughter. I'm sure she'd love that perfect family someday, but she had to think about her daughters."

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will reflect on the past. She will remember everything that she and Liam shared -- and how happy they were together, per She Knows Soaps. As she reminisces, she may even daydream about a future together. But will Steffy ever trust Liam with her heart again?

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