Crips Move To File For Trademark Of Nipsey Hussle’s Slogan, ‘The Marathon Continues’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

XXL reports that Crips LLC filed for a trademark of late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s slogan, “The Marathon Continues,” on Monday.

The mantra, which made waves across social media in the wake of Hussle’s death, looks to be part of the Crips street gang’s community development plans. The filing was confirmed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and outlines plans to use the slogan for many purposes, including gang intervention and prevention; youth sports programs; entertainment services provided by rappers, comedians, and “community organizers” from the Crips and the Bloods, and much more.

An attachment included with the application also notes a documentary called The Marathon Continues, one which is planned for a summer 2019 release “on all streaming platforms.”

Although Hussle’s slogan was used to brand his popular clothing line as well as to title his sixth album mixtape, The Blast reports that be never obtained a trademark for it. As of now, it’s not clear if his family is working with the Crips — or whether his estate will attempt to get the rights to the slogan for themselves.

As The Inquisitr reported, Hussle’s death led to historic sit-downs involving over 30 rival gangs common to the Los Angeles area. Not only that, Crips-affiliated set Rollin’ 60s and the 8 Trey Gangster Crips made peace outside of the rapper’s The Marathon Clothing store after he was gunned down.

LaTanya Ward of the Black P Stones Bloods is optimistic about the positive strides forward which L.A. gangs have made in the aftermath of the rapper’s death.

“Right now, we just working on community agreements, how we gonna govern our own neighborhoods. I feel very f***ing optimistic.”

Others, like interventionist Darrell Gray, are hesitant to rejoice, and believe that the recent improvements won’t necessarily be long-lasting.

“Forty years of conflict just don’t end overnight.”

Hussle’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, was indicted by a grand jury last week. He is also being charged with additional crimes, as The Inquisitr reported. In addition to charges of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and possession of a firearm by a felon, the grand jury added two more charges of assault with a firearm.

Holder’s attorney, Christopher Darden, notably filed a motion to withdraw from the case — claiming that he had received death threats for defending Holder.

“I cannot understand why in 2019 some people would deny a black man his 6th Amendment right to counsel of his choice,” Darden wrote in a Facebook post before his resignation.

“Or why defending such a man should invite threats not only against me but against my children too. I only know that as a lawyer it is my duty to protect the rights of my clients even in the face of threats or angry mobs.”