Bella Thorne Goes Completely Naked In Video, Zoom Feature Doesn’t Hold Back

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Bella Thorne is known for offering up a view of her body to her audience. The Midnight Sun actress’s bikini shots have become a part of her identity, but Bella’s May 27 Instagram update is taking things one step further. The 21-year-old dared to go fully nude in this update, although her video is as tasteful as it is inspirational.

The footage starts out by capturing Bella’s bare feet. She is seen wiggling her toes. The camera then hones in on the actress’s tattoos before moving to various body parts. With a heavy zoom, the result showcases Bella’s hand-cupped breasts, bare behind, and pierced ears — as well as lingering shots of her stomach and her face. The video concludes with Bella filmed full-length as she sits, naked, on a pink chair. Her pensive expression sees her offer up a direct gaze before looking downwards.

Playing throughout is Bella’s voice. She asks questions about the concept of worthiness, and the nature of compassion is also discussed. Bella then encourages viewers to “start small” by embracing “compassion.” Thorne’s monologue also slams society for placing pressure on individuals to measure their worth via looks or material possessions.

A quick glance at the comments section suggests that many fans are in agreement with Bella.

“I love this so much baby. So f*cking powerful,” one fan wrote.

Another fan seemed to find Thorne exemplary, per their comment.

“You are an example. You are true, you are sincere, not the classic celebrity that always shows perfect [sic] even if it’s not. I love this video.”

The fan seems to be making a point that — in a celebrity world filled with glammed-up women — Bella bucks the trend. Her fiery red hair and porcelain skin don’t showcase the industry’s stereotypical bombshell look. Likewise absent in most of Bella’s Instagram snaps is makeup. This free-spirited individual often opts for fresh-faced looks, messy hair, and the chance to showcase bold decisions – Bella is known for leaving her armpits unshaven. A video posted by Bella (seen above) clearly showed the actress flashing underarm hair.

Despite the nudity the focus on her pert posterior, today’s video doesn’t appear to be superficially provocative. In fact, sexual connotations seem to be a low priority as regards this post. Bella appears to be artistically voicing her thoughts — encouraging a better world, and showing her body as it is.

“Needed to hear this thank you,” one fan wrote in response to the share.

“Ur [sic] a light in this world. love u,” read another comment.

Bella has 19.4 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by major Hollywood faces, including Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, and Descendants actress Dove Cameron. Bella’s inspirational video had racked up over 230,000 views within one hour of having been posted.