Demi Rose Is Offering To Do Makeup Tutorials And Instagram Is All Over It

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

She sets Instagram on fire with every single post, and now Demi Rose Mawby is about to get even more popular.

Known for her killer curves and head-turning sense of style, the Instagram sensation has made a habit out of dazzling fans with her torrid bikini shots and racy outfits. When she’s not out clubbing in London, the Instagram sensation spends her days traveling around the world — documenting her exotic vacations in sun-kissed, skin-baring photos.

While she has certainly carved out a lavish, envy-inducing lifestyle for herself, it seems that Demi is searching for a new project with which to occupy her time. Given her impeccable taste in fashion and makeup, the gorgeous model thought it only natural that she should point her attention toward one of her strongest suits – beauty and esthetics. As such, Demi is considering branching out into the world of beauty and cosmetics by trying her hand at makeup tutorials – as she herself announced on Instagram on Monday.

By all accounts, the idea seems to be a perfect fit for Demi. Anyone who follows the brunette bombshell on Instagram knows that her feed is brimming with eye-catching selfies and sweltering photos shoots. In many of these, the model dons spectacular, masterfully applied makeup. In fact, the English beauty offers her fans a lesson in style with every photo shared to social media.

While the news is not yet official, Demi did take to Instagram to inquire about her audience’s thoughts on the subject. In a post shared earlier today, the Birmingham-born beauty asked her 9 million Instagram followers if they would be interested in watching a makeup tutorial hosted by her. To show off her skill and know-how, the curvaceous model posted a selfie showcasing her stunning beach glam.

In the snapshot in question, Demi sported subtle, natural-looking makeup that beautifully accentuated her gorgeous features. She made artful use of mascara to make her brown eyes pop in a dramatic manner, and plumped up her lips with a touch of clear lip gloss.

“I love wearing light tinted moisturiser [sic], cheek tint, lip liner, highlight and gloss in the sun,” the British model detailed in the photo caption — right before asking, “Who would like to see a tutorial?”

Unsurprisingly, her fans were very excited about the idea. Judging by the flurry of comments that accompanied her post, Demi’s Instagram followers welcomed the prospect with open arms.

“Yes, do a makeup tutorial!!,” penned one enthused fan, ending their message with a heart-eyed emoji and a two-hearts emoji.

“I neeeed [sic] the tutorial love yaaa [sic],” wrote another person, one apparently showing a keen interest in Demi’s idea.

Others wrote to ask their favorite Instagram celebrity if she would be willing to do tutorials on her skin care routine, as well.

“Sis we need your skin care regime please,” wrote one person, adding a heart-eyed emoji to their post for emphasis.

Demi was gracious enough to reply.

“I need to share my tips!” read the model’s comment, trailed by a couple of sparkling-heart emoji.

The quick exchange evolved into a longer discussion, with fans asking the curvy model about her secret in maintaining her famously taut waistline. Once again, Demi was kind enough to reply, and she opened up about her diet and fitness regimen.

“I only eat fish, no meat, no sugar or dairy and train 3-4 [sic] times a week when I get the time when I’m not traveling. I also drink lots of water with the exception of some tequila shots and sugar free margaritas [sic] time to time,” revealed the stunning model.

“I also cut out refined carbs like bread and pasta. It works for me as I’m 5’2 and gain weight really easily.”