Justin Bieber Calls Wife Hailey Baldwin His ‘Goo Goo’ In New Post & Fans Aren’t Sure About It

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Justin Bieber admitted in an Instagram post on Sunday evening that he gives his wife, Hailey Baldwin, a new nickname every day to express his love for her. While many of the labels he’s shared in the past were adorable and affectionate, fans found themselves questioning his latest choice — “goo goo.” The couple’s followers on Twitter and Instagram had a lot to say about the unusual nickname over the weekend.

The “Sorry” singer posted a black-and-white photo to Instagram on Sunday of Baldwin, 22, leaning back on a couch while Bieber, 25, snuggles up to her in a big embrace, planting a kiss on her cheek. In the caption, he explained that “today she’s my goo goo.”

The post garnered over 5 million likes as fans and friends in the comments showered the couple with love.

“Felt the love through the pic… so amazing!” fellow singer Sean Kingston wrote.

“Cmon,” actress Drew Barrymore added with several heart eye and smiling emoji, while YouTuber Zach Clayton told Bieber it’s “good to see you happy.”

Meanwhile, others poked a bit of fun at Bieber’s “goo go,” pointing out what the phrase translates to in other languages. One user wrote that it means “grandma” in Cree, while another explained that “goo” means “potty” in Hindi.

Over on Twitter, fans continued to question Bieber’s choice of label.

One person added a gif of someone saying “I just threw up in my mouth a bit,” with “goo goo” as the caption.

“Justin Bieber is rlly out here calling his wife goo goo,” another said.

Regardless of what people may think of the singer’s terms of endearment for his wife, it’s clear Bieber has a lot of love for Baldwin. He shared a follow-up photo on Instagram over the holiday weekend of himself and Baldwin looking casual in a studio as he works on new music, according to Entertainment Tonight. In the caption, Bieber called Baldwin his “studio chicka.”

Hailey also shared a few images of herself lounging around near musical equipment on her account, waiting patiently while her husband records his work. She called herself a “studio wifey” in the caption.

Bieber’s work in the studio comes just weeks after he released a collaboration with Ed Sheeran called “I Don’t Care.” The Canadian star had been on a long hiatus from music as he worked through severe depression but announced in early May that he plans to return to YouTube soon, where he got his start as a musician.