Ryan Phillippe Answers Elsie Hewitt’s Domestic Violence Claim In Court Documents

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Ryan Phillippe denies the domestic violence allegations made by his ex-girlfriend. The Shooter actor recently presented his version of events to the court, and it differs radically from Elsie Hewitt’s story. According to documents obtained exclusively by The Blast, Phillippe was deposed by Hewitt’s attorney about the night that the incident allegedly took place.

Both parties agree on several facts of the lawsuit. The incident took place in July 2017. Phillippe and Hewitt concur that the incident took place after a party that they both had attended. Phillippe returned to his home without his ex-girlfriend. Hewitt then arrived at his home and this is when the alleged domestic violence took place.

Ryan Phillippe’s Version Of Events

Phillippe’s deposition states that he and Hewitt had reached an impasse. He wanted her to leave, but she first wanted to get into the bedroom. At that point, Phillippe said that he did not know what else to do besides “try to remove her from the premises and set her outside and close the door.”

“And at that point, it hadn’t occurred to me to call the cops. I’m a famous person. I didn’t want to bring that kind of attention to me and my house. And so I attempted to pick her up like a baby. Carrying. Like a child. With one arm under the back and one arm under the legs. And she was flailing. And I made it one step, and I fell back on my bottom, holding her. And that was it.”

Hewitt was also questioned about his drug use on that night in July 2017. He said that on the night in question, he only used marijuana.

Phillippe accuses Hewitt of extortion and denies her allegations of assault.

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Elsie Hewitt’s Version Of Domestic Violence

Elsie said that after the party, she went to Phillippe’s home. She reportedly used a code to enter the star’s home. She wanted to enter his home so that she could retrieve her belongings, per The Inquisitr.

The 23-year-old said that Phillippe gripped her arm so tightly that he bruised her arm. He then threw her down the staircase. Hewitt alleges that after she got up, the actor picked her up “like a doll” and flung her down the stairs again.

The model accused Phillippe of drug abuse. She even claimed that his use of illegal substances could impair his ability to recall what happened that night. Hewitt said that he abused ecstasy, steroids, psychedelic mushrooms, and cocaine.

The case between Phillippe and Hewitt is still ongoing