Victoria’s Secret Angel Leomie Anderson Flaunts Cleavage In Low-Cut Dress On Instagram

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Leomie Anderson is one of the newest models to join the ranks of Victoria’s Secret Angels, and she’s keeping her fans well-informed of her daily life on Instagram. Earlier today, she shared a new post that had fans talking. The post was comprised of four different photos, with the first one showing her in a low-scoop neck black dress. It left her cleavage showing, as she wore her hair slicked back into a bun.

Leomie accessorized with some funky earrings that looked to be made of diamonds, along with a ring on her right hand. The fourth photo revealed that the dress had a tank top-like cut on the top, with ruffles on the skirt.

In the midst of the photos of her in the black dress, Anderson snuck in a photo of herself looking fabulous in a dress with gold accents. The model was spotted with her back facing the camera at an angle, as she rubbed lotion into her shoulder with her right hand. Her hair was pulled back into a bun again, as she gave a moody look for the camera.

Her post from yesterday revealed that she had headed out of Cannes and went to Paris for Rihanna’s event. Rihanna has been busy working on her Fenty line, which will soon have clothing in addition to lingerie and makeup. Leomie penned a thoughtful and sweet message about the trip, and looked great in a trendy green dress.

In addition, fans may be excited to hear that she sat down for an interview about her new status as an Angel with W Magazine.

“Yes, I’m very, very, very grateful for the opportunity to represent dark-skinned girls, especially because growing up I didn’t get to see many people like myself. Victoria’s Secret was actually one of the only places I could look to see black girls being celebrated, and being able to be themselves as well. I used to watch those women, like Naomi Campbell doing her walk, and think, ‘Wow, there is a space for someone like me in fashion.’ And to be the first black British Angel and first Jamaican as well? I’m just so grateful.”

It’s an exciting time for the brand because they added not just Leomie, but also other Angels that represent new demographics. This includes the addition of Alexina Graham, who became the first redhead to join the brand as an Angel.