Kate Middleton Should Become Princess Of Wales When Prince Charles Becomes King

Yui MokGetty Images

Experts are weighing in on what title they think Kate Middleton will receive when Prince Charles becomes the King of England and the United Kingdom, and the prevailing wisdom is that the Duchess of Cambridge will become the next Princess of Wales.

Express says that since the death of Princess Diana, there has not been another Princess of Wale because Camilla Parker Bowles never took the title out of respect for the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. The thought is that as the oldest son and future king himself, Prince William will become the Prince of Wales when Prince Charles vacates the title to become the monarch, which would make Kate the Princess of Wales.

There have reportedly been a number of secret meetings to determine the course of events when Prince Charles becomes the next monarch, and it’s also likely that Prince William will also become the Duke of Cornwall when his father also gives up that title.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson explains that it will be up to Prince Charles ultimately to decide whether Prince William will be the next Prince of Wales.

“If William is given the title by his dad when Charles is king, Kate will be Princess of Wales. Camilla chose to use one of Charles’s other titles hence she is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall in England and Wales. Should Camilla want to be styled HRH The Princess of Wales she could be.”

Jobson continued, saying that whether Kate Middleton becomes the Princess of Wales has little to do with her personally, and more to do with the fact that the wife of the Prince of Wales has the right to use the title “Princess of Wales,” adding that Prince William will only get the title if Prince Charles determines he should have it, because it isn’t automatic.

“The incumbent has no formal public role or responsibility legislated by Parliament, but the bearer of the title is usually the next in line to the throne or heir apparent,” Jobson said.

Joe Little, managing editor of royal publication Majesty Magazine says that he is confident that Kate Middleton will be the next Princess of Wales, succeeding Princess Diana in the title.

“Yes, she will (become Princess of Wales), is the short answer. The process of William becoming Prince of Wales is not automatic but will surely happen,” Little said.

Obviously, none of this will happen until Queen Elizabeth II passes or feels that she can no longer serve as monarch.