‘The Bold Type’ Spoilers: Adena Finds Out Kat Is Dating A New Woman

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Adena El-Amin, played by Nikohl Boosheri, is returning to Freeform’s The Bold Type and things are about to get a bit awkward during next week’s episode.

The Bold Type follows the lives of three young women, writer Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens, social media director Kat Edison, played by Aisha Dee, and fashion assistant Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy, working at Scarlet magazine. The show dives into each woman’s relationship and sexuality while tackling issues, including sexual abuse, cancer, and racial discrimination. In the pilot episode, viewers were also introduced to Boosheri’s Adena, a proud Muslim lesbian artist, who decided to remove her feature story from the magazine’s August issue. Adena immediately piques Kat’s interest and the two eventually start dating.

Things were going well for the new couple until Kat admits that she’s curious about dating other women since Adena is her first female lover. Kat takes the space she needed and returned to Adena, but things weren’t quite the same between the women. Kat later realizes that Adena is more creative when they aren’t together, and the two ultimately ended their relationship at the end of the second season.

Adena hasn’t appeared in the third season of the show but according to the teaser for the episode set to air on May 28, the free-spirited artist will be making a return. In the clip, Adena is seen speaking with Jane about an upcoming collaboration and Jane spills the beans about Kat dating another woman, Tia, played by Alexis Floyd.

At first, Adena looks uncomfortable but then shares her thoughts.

“I am happy to hear that,” she says. “I want her to be happy.”

In another clip, Jane is seen leading Adena into the offices of Scarlet magazine, where the pair accidentally bumps into Kat near the elevators. Kat isn’t sure how to greet her ex and the clip shows an awkward encounter between the two women. As they pass each other, Jane turns around and mouths the words “I’m sorry,” to her best friend, before following Adena.

The official episode description reads, “When Adena returns to New York, Kat debates whether she’s ready to see her, but quickly realizes she might not have a choice. Sutton is stretched in too many directions between styling for Oliver and designing for her seminar, causing friction with Richard,” according to a report from Broadway World.

The series also stars Sam Page as Richard Hunter, Matt Ward as Alex Crawford, Melora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle, and Stephen Conrad Moore as Oliver Grayson.

The Bold Type airs on Tuesdays on Freeform.