Thonged Ring Girl Stephanie Vino Goes Topless In Pulled-Down Swimsuit With Girlfriend

Ring girl Stephanie Vino appears to have a lot of love for fellow model Sarah Toarmina today. The Las Vegas-based Instagram sensation has taken to the platform with her pal, and the snap is as racy as it is endearing.

On May 26, Stephanie posted a picture of herself and Sarah. The girls are sitting at the edge of a circular outdoor pool. Unfortunately, there's no clue to confirm whether or not it's a hot tub. With the sun beating down on them, the duo have been snapped fully topless and wearing thongs. Vino is on the left. Her pastel-pink swimsuit appears to have been pulled all the way down, as is Toarmina's. Sarah's red-and-white one-piece has upper straps falling around her waist. Stephanie is seen leaning on Sarah's shoulder in an affectionate position.

Perfectly framed by trellis greenery and varying shades of light, the girls seem to have been photographed at just the right moment. The revealing swimwear is, of course, flaunting the pair's bodies. Fans are getting a full-on booty display, plenty of tan skin, and Vinos' artsy tattoos. They've also been leaving their thoughts to the "lazy bums" mentioned in Stephanie's caption.

"Does lazy mean gorgeous sexy and beautiful?" one fan wrote.

Elsewhere, a fan seemed to have spotted a missed opportunity.

"You really missed the chance to say 'couple of lazy buns' smh," they wrote.

Vino is one of Instagram's lower-profile, but rising models. She has 232,000 followers. Her bio announces the evolution of her career; Stephanie appears to have gone from "ring girl" and "model" to "photographer." A separate Instagram handle links to her photography account.
Stephanie also seems to operate from multiple locations. While the majority of her posts come with a Las Vegas geotag, Stephanie's bio points toward her being in the desert city among other destinations. "ChiTown" and "NY" are both listed.With her cheeky smile, muscular physique, and brazen attitude toward flaunting her femininity, Vino is popular. Her low-key selfies mostly come without makeup. Racier images show Vino squatting in cleavage or ab-flaunting poses. Vino also isn't above going fully topless; today is just one example.

With more poolside or home-set snaps than ringside pics, it would, indeed, seem that Stephanie has embraced the "model" part of her bio. She also appears to have a particular favorite when it comes to celebrity models. Of the accounts Vino follows, the only Hollywood face that manifests is Project Runway star and supermodel Heidi Klum.

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