American ‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood Gets Wet In Soaked Bikini After Waterfall Shower

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Sara Jean Underwood is perhaps one of the most famous Playboy models of the last few decades. She was named “Playmate of the Year” for 2007 and has maintained a world-class profile in the fashion and beauty industry ever since. Maintaining a massive following of 9.2 million Instagram followers may not exactly be easy, but somehow the free-spirited blonde manages to do it with apparent ease.

Now, in her most recent snapshot, Sara is seen sitting on a large stone, her swimsuit damp and clinging to her fair skin. A pair of absolutely stunning waterfalls can be seen pouring great gouts of water from amidst the lush foliage behind her in the background, with the olive green and mustard yellow of her sexy bikini matching her surroundings. The model’s iconic physique is almost fully on display, her ample cleavage, flat stomach, toned thighs and long, slender legs being showcased in this snapshot.

Looking something like a wood nymph from the page of a high fantasy novel or television series, Sara reaches one hand up to idly play with her slick tresses. Her gaze is downcast, her eyes closed and her lips pursed in a pensive, thoughtful look. The overall aesthetic of the image is dreamy, exotic and altogether captivating.

In the caption attached to the photo, Sara Underwood made an allusion to a post she shared yesterday — one The Inquisitr had detailed in full — wherein she was captured having “girl talk” with a friend while enjoying a unique ocean “bathtub.” Given the mystical and alluring nature of this particular image, it should come as little surprise that Sara’s fans flocked to the snapshot to show their love for it. As of this writing, more than 45,000 Instagram users had left a like in response to the sultry snap, while 300-plus followers had taken the time to leave a complimentary comment for the blonde bombshell.

“Was it cold or warm?” one fan asked, to which Sara replied, “warm until it started raining!”

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls,” a second supporter quipped, jokingly referring to the 1995 TLC hit “Waterfalls.” Sara replied to this fan as well, remarking that this quote certainly doesn’t apply to her.

“Looking good and love the scenery I wish I was there too!” a third admirer gushed, adding a slew of romantic emoji to the message for further emphasis.

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Trekking the globe in the company of her longtime boyfriend and main photographer — Jacob Witzling — Sara Underwood leaves an impression wherever she goes.