Apple Confirms Three New iPhones For 2019

Over the years, Apple has created a somewhat predictable pattern when it comes to its annual iPhone release. The company typically chooses a day in September to announce its new iPhones, offers the phones for pre-order days later and then officially launches the iPhones in weeks following. However, for some, a year is a long time to wait to learn about the features of Apple's next iPhone and this is where leaks come in.

For 2019, several leaks have pointed to Apple releasing three new iPhones, the iPhone XI or iPhone 11, the iPhone XI Max or iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR2. Now, it seems the company has officially confirmed the release of these three iPhones, according to a report from Forbes.

The confirmation, which was originally reported by 9to5Mac, shows that Apple has "publicly filed model numbers for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2 in the Eurasian database, an official regulatory body. The model numbers are A2111, A2160, A2161, A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221, and A2223," and has identified two clear product lines: the A21 and A22.

The A21 line-up likely refers to the new model of the iPhone XR, which will ship in three storage sizes and uses a slower Intel modem. The A22 line-up is likely linked to the iPhone 11 and 11 Max and "each of their three storage sizes plus two additional model numbers," Forbes noted. The additional model numbers are suspected to be linked to "different component suppliers worldwide" since Apple has done a similar thing in the past.

Based on the model numbers, Apple fans now know that there will be three new iPhones in September but Apple has yet to reveal what those iPhones will look like. Luckily, there have been countless renderings based on leaked information, including one from popular YouTuber, EverythingApplePro.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Apple is expected to add two new colors to its new XR models. The iPhone XR is currently available in blue, coral, black, yellow, white and (PRODUCT) RED, but the 2019 lineup could include new green and lavender colors. The two new color options are expected to replace the current coral and blue options.

It's unknown whether Apple will be adding new color options for its flagship models, but it's rumored the company will be radically changing the camera of the iPhone. The iPhone XI and XI Max are expected to feature a triple-camera setup housed in a square unit located on the upper left corner of the phone, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The 2019 iPhones are also expected to ship with reverse charging, which will allow the phone to wirelessly charge other devices, including Apple's AirPods.