Bart Starr Dead, Green Bay Packers Legend Passed Away At 85

Joe KohenGetty Images

Former Green Bay Packers QB Bart Starr has died. His former team, which he led to victory in Super Bowls I and II, announced his passing on Twitter.

Early on Sunday morning, the passing of Starr was announced and sports fans around the world were in mourning. Whether you’re a fan of the Green Bay Packers or not, it is hard to not be affected by the passing of this legendary player.

Starr had been dealing with failing health since 2014 when he suffered a serious stroke. This led to him dealing with a number of other health problems which included a mild heart attack, a number of other strokes, seizures, and a broken hip.

His family released a messaged on the official website of the Green Bay Packers which stated that “his most recent illness was too much to overcome.” On Sunday morning, Starr passed away at the age of 85 in Birmingham, Alabama.

The word “legend” is honestly one that best describes the first quarterback in history to win five NFL championships. That’s not even mentioning the fact that he was the hero of countless other games which will stand the test of time as some of the best contests in professional football history.

Those who knew Bart Starr personally will remember him as a football legend, as millions around the world will, but to them, he was something more. There are countless stories of Starr’s kindness and compassion for others which was reflected in his family’s statement on his passing.

“While he may always be best known for his success as the Packers quarterback for 16 years, his true legacy will always be the respectful manner in which he treated every person he met, his humble demeanor, and his generous spirit.”

When someone looks at the stat books from the past, it’s hard to find much better than Bart Starr. He had numbers which would be comparable with many of the NFL stars of today, even without the advancements that football has seen since he last played.

A two-time Super Bowl Champion and MVP, Starr was also a five-time NFL champion and a four-time Pro Bowl selection. He finished his playing career with 24,718 yards and 152 touchdowns with a passer rating of 80.5.

In 1972, he took a job as the quarterback coach of the Green Bay Packers, which was just one year removed from his playing days. In 1975, he took over the head coaching position and kept it until 1983.