‘Brightburn’ Post-Credits Scene Hints At Darker Versions Of More DC Comic Book Superheroes

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Fans have really taken to the new movie Brightburn which opened in theaters this weekend, but others will soon catch on. Some feel as if it is just another horror movie, but they’re beginning to realize there is much more to the story. This film is a “what if” tale about the history of Superman with the idea of him being evil, but what if there were darker versions of other superheroes as well?

Please note that there are spoilers ahead for Brightburn and the post-credits scene of the movie. If you have not yet seen the film or simply don’t want to know ahead of time, it’s better if you stop reading now.

Brightburn is a dark twist on the superhero genre which essentially tells the tale of Superman’s crash landing on Earth as a baby who was taken in by human parents. That’s exactly the way the real story goes from DC Comics, but the tale takes a dark turn as the Man of Steel is not a hero of justice but a purveyor of violence.

Now, it’s quite possible that this could end up becoming a new franchise and that was actually hinted at by the post-credits scene.

Make sure to stay through the credits as you will see a scene which is a YouTube video of sorts and it features a conspiracy theorist giving some news. Played by Michael Rooker, the Alex Jones-type guy shows news footage from around the world that contains violent happenings and big-time disasters.

The conspiracy theorist, known as Big T, reveals that the horrible occurrences were caused by super-powered people and that sketches have started coming in as to what they may look like. As he’s detailing what happened in Brightburn, he says that there is a “half-man, half-sea creature” causing havoc in the oceans.

Aquaman, right?

He goes on to say that there is also a supernatural woman choking her victims with “a rope.” Of course, that seems to signify that there is a darker version of Wonder Woman running wild on Earth as well.

As of this time, there has been no confirmation that there will be a sequel to Brightburn, but one is expected. The movie had a mere $6 million budget with Box Office Mojo reporting that it has already pulled in more than $15 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

Brightburn has never been officially revealed as the darker version of Superman and his name is never mentioned, but we all know who it is. Now, these other supernatural beings causing problems around the world lead many to believe that a horror version of the Justice League may be on the way.