May 26, 2019
Fox News Host Confronts Lindsey Graham, Plays Video Clips Of Senator Calling For Clinton Impeachment

South Carolina Republican and Trump ally, Lindsey Graham, went on Fox News Sunday to discuss the prospect of Trump impeachment, Raw Story reports. Graham, who strongly argued for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, opposes President Trump being removed from office.

Fox News host Chris Wallace confronted Graham, pointing out that the senator had called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, yet now he is arguing against the impeachment of Donald Trump. Wallace played old video clips of Graham calling for impeachment, and slamming President Clinton for allegedly blocking oversight.

"It is your job to supply us with the things we need to provide oversight over you," Graham says to Bill Clinton in one of the videos unearthed by Wallace.

"Why is it an impeachable offense for Clinton or Nixon back then to ignore congressional subpoenas, but it's okay for President Trump to do now?" the host asked.

As Raw Story notes, Graham struggled to answer the question, ignoring Congress' oversight role and his previous statements. The Republican explained that he believes that the situation is different, arguing that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report should have put an end to the entire saga.

"Mueller is the final word on this for me. If Clinton had stiffed Ken Starr, that's different," Graham said, proceeding to accuse House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of trying to "destroy the president and his family."

Graham advised President Trump to fight back against House Democrats, suggesting once again that he trusts Robert Mueller, and that no inquiries should be made.

"If I were the president, I'd fight back against this political revenge coming out of the House. Mueller was an independent voice that we all trusted to be fair. I don't trust House Democrats to be fair."
Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to prove a Trump-Russia conspiracy, refusing to charge the president with obstruction of justice. However, Mueller detailed in his report instances of possible attempts at obstruction by the president, which reignited impeachment talks in Democratic circles.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, more than 30 House Democrats and virtually all Democratic presidential candidates have publicly called for impeachment. Standing in the way of an inquiry are top House Democrats lead by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Both in public and in behind-closed-doors meetings, other Democrats have urged Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings.

However, despite overwhelming public and lawmaker pressure, the House speaker has continued to argue against impeachment, while simultaneously accusing the administration of "covering up" the president's crimes.

House Democrats have shifted their focus on getting Mueller to testify before Congress, but the special counsel is reportedly hesitant about doing so. Lindsey Graham, Attorney General William Barr, and other Republicans have stated that they would not object to Mueller testifying publicly.