Dorinda Medley Reacts To LuAnn De Lesseps’ Legal Drama, Says She’s ‘Heartbroken’ And ‘Lit A Candle’ For Her

Heidi GutmanBravo

Dorinda Medley was heartbroken after learning her Real Housewives of New York City co-star, LuAnn de Lesseps, was temporarily ordered back to jail at the end of last week.

According to a new report, Medley “lit a candle” for de Lesseps after news broken of her potentially looming arrest.

“I was heartbroken and I wish her well,” Medley told Page Six on May 23. “I know it’s a terribly hard journey and we are all rooting for her. I lit a candle for her yesterday.”

De Lesseps was arrested in December 2017 after trespassing in a hotel room that wasn’t hers, and during the arrest, she was accused of kicking and threatening the life of a police officer. A short time later, she was put on probation and ordered not to drink for one year.

Although de Lesseps was able to stay sober for some time, after a couple of visits to rehab in 2018, she was later accused of not taking the terms of her probation seriously and recently, she reportedly failed a sobriety test.

While Medley and de Lesseps have butted heads in the past, Medley was able to recognize that de Lesseps reached a low point in her life and after she did, she was reminded of the struggles she faced after the death of her husband, Richard Medley, in 2011.

“I know she probably can’t believe it now because I will say this, when Richard got terribly sick and died, there is something positive that will come out of that,” Medley continued. “I know it’s darkness before dawn, but there is always is something wonderful, positive thing that will come out of it.”

After de Lesseps was accused of violating her probation and temporarily ordered to return to jail, her rep released a statement to Page Six.

“The reports have not been accurate so I’m glad the judge was understanding after being made aware of the facts,” the statement read. “I look forward to completing the last couple months of probation and getting this entire situation behind me and moving on with my life.”

Following the order for her arrest, de Lesseps allegedly agreed to stricter probation terms for the remainder of her sentence and is now required to have a breathalyzer device in her vehicle.

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