'Barbie Doll' Abby Dowse Goes Fully Topless On The Beach

Rebecca Cukier

Abby Dowse is mostly known for her rising status as Instagram's bikini queen. The Australian model regularly takes to the platform in an array of two-piece swimsuits, although her lingerie snaps are equally famous. May 26 brings Abby's 1.3 million Instagram followers an unusual update – this blonde has gone fully topless in her latest post.

Today sees Abby at the beach. Sands are golden-white and skies are blue. Background infrastructure suggests Abby to be near a city, but no geo-tag has been provided. The foreground is what draws the eye, though. Dowse has taken to the beach in nothing but a pair of ripped jeans in pastel mauve; stylish shades match the pants. With her hands covering her modesty, Abby is flashing her ample assets with quite the eye-popping effect. Her all-around golden tan is glowing, her blonde hair is windswept, and the sun is beating down on her from head to toe.

Fans have been quick to comment. A fair few appeared to have picked up on the one item of clothing being donned.

"Cute! Very very beautiful jeans," one user wrote.

"Love the jeans," came from another.

Many comments appeared to come from female accounts. Clearly, Abby's grip on social media isn't exclusive to the masculine gender. In fact, very few comments mentioned the model being topless.

Abby's topless snap isn't her first. While this bombshell has braved ditching upper clothing before, her topless Instagram updates aren't frequent. Suffice to say that anyone awaiting one is likely considering May 26 their lucky day. For Abby, though, today isn't about celebrating her physique. With the sun mentioned in her caption, it seems to be more about embracing the rays. That in itself forms the opening line of Abby's Instagram bio – the sun "makes me happy" are the words.

Today's snap had racked up over 20,000 likes within six hours of being posted. Over 500 comments were left.