'One Piece' Episode 886 Features 'Empty Throne' And Clash Between Two Celestial Dragons

One Piece Episode 886 started with the arrival of the royals of the Ryugu Kingdom -- King Neptune, Princess Shirahoshi, Prince Fukaboshi, Prince Manboshi, and Prince Ryuboshi -- at the Holy Land Mary Geoise where the Reverie will be held. Upon reaching the location of the meeting, King Neptune remembered the dream of his late wife Queen Otohime to bring the people of Fishman Island to the world under the sun.

Unfortunately, even before the Reverie starts, the royals of the Ryugu Kingdom have encountered a huge problem as one of the Celestial Dragons, Saint Charlos, became interested in Princess Shirahoshi. One Piece Episode 886 featured Saint Charlos trying to kidnap Princess Shirahoshi in front of all the world leaders and her family. Saint Charlos ordered his slave to put a chain in Princess Shirahoshi so that she can be his pet.

Princess Rebecca and Princess Vivi expressed their anger over the Celestial Dragon's actions, but they were both aware of what would be the consequences of their actions. Sai and Leo tried to save Princess Shirahoshi, but they were stopped by Cipher Pol Aigis Zero members Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy. King Neptune was very disappointed with how they were treated at the Holy Land Mary Geoise and decided to abandon Queen Otohime's dream of uniting the people of the Fishman Island with the people who live under the sun.

King Neptune was ready to fight the Cipher Pol Aigis Zero and rescue Princess Shirahoshi when an unexpected ally came in. One Piece Episode 886 showed Saint Donquixote Mjosgard hitting his fellow Celestial Dragon with a club. The Cipher Pol Aigis Zero couldn't fight back since Saint Mjosgard holds the same status as Saint Charlos. Saint Mjosgard ordered Saint Charlos' slave to free Princess Shirahoshi and the Cipher Pol Aigis Zero to immediately leave the vicinity.

The latest episode of One Piece revealed that Saint Mjosgard was once saved by Queen Otohime when he visited the Fishman Island. Saint Mjosgard was on the verge of being killed by a group of Fishmen, but Queen Otohime came to save him at the expense of her own life. Saint Mjosgard vowed to keep Princess Shirahoshi and the royals of the Ryugu Kingdom safe as long as they are in the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

One Piece Episode 886 also featured King Stelly of Goa Kingdom seeing the "Empty Throne" for the first time. The Empty Throne is located at the center of the world and it symbolizes the pledge that royals of all countries are equal and no one desires a dictatorship. Meanwhile, the 20 weapons that protect the throne represent the 800-year-old pledge that was made by the "First Twenty" who created the world system.