Barack Obama Surprised Students During His Visit To The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

Sean Gallup Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama may no longer be living in the White House, but he’s still hard at work making a difference in the youth community. Last Wednesday, the 44th president made a surprise visit to the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy’s after-school program, in Washington, D.C.

He took the time to play with the kids and even took part in some of the sports taking place there. He took a turn at bat and tossed a football around with some of the kids. The kids were shocked and thrilled to see the former president enjoying himself on the football field, according to NBC News.

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy provides a safe place where the undeserved youth of the community can go after school. As opposed to being out on the streets unsupervised, they can attend the academy and take part in activities that are intended to promote their character development and overall health. They are able to learn from positive role models and get their heart rate up running around with other children their age.

Obama has long been a supporter of the academy and what they’re trying to do for the youth of the community. In fact, he even delivered the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ game on opening day back in 2010.

After Obama and the kids had their fun playing together and exchanging high fives, he drew them around him for a brief inspirational chat. The kids gathered in a huddle around him and took a knee. He encouraged them to work hard both on an off the field and to study hard in school. He went on to speak of the high hopes he has for them and their future.

“Work hard in school, listen to your coaches. You guys are going to do great things. I’m going to be on the lookout for you, because I think you’re going to do something important. You guys are going to make a real difference.”

The former president had such a nice time during the outing that he reflected on it the following day via an Instagram post.

“Great to get out there and take a few cuts at the plate yesterday — I had a blast with all these extraordinary young people. Thanks for letting me drop in and thanks to the Nationals Youth Academy for the outstanding work you do to support youth in DC.”