AEW News: WWE Hall Of Famer Shockingly Appears At ‘Double Or Nothing’ To Unveil AEW World Title


Saturday night was incredibly huge for so many reasons, and it all took place during All Elite Wrestling’s first-ever pay-per-view event. As recapped by The Inquisitr, the event in Las Vegas had brother vs. brother, a 21-man battle royal, the debut of Awesome Kong, and so much more. One moment that was incredibly unexpected was the unveiling of the AEW World Title by none other than a WWE Hall of Famer.

On “The Buy In” free portion of Double or Nothing, Adam “Hangman” Page won the 21-man battle royal. This was not only the first match of the evening, but it was huge due to the fact that the winner earned an automatic shot at the AEW World Title sometime in the future.

It has been said that the winner of Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho will determine the other wrestler fighting for the right to earn that title for the first time.

The event was going incredibly well and Cody Rhodes had just finished a bloody battle with his brother, Dustin Rhodes. After that match was over, it was time for AEW to reveal the look of their World Title belt, but they weren’t going to just take it out of a bag.

The official Twitter account of All Elite Wrestling detailed how a two-time WWE Hall of Famer went out to the ring to debut the new title. Last month, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Hart Foundation, and this month, Bret “Hit Man” Hart appeared in AEW.

Here is an even better look at the new AEW World Title being held up by Bret Hart.

The match between Cody and Dustin was incredibly difficult to follow, but AEW did something smart. Instead of just throwing another match out into the ring for the fans to try and handle after the big finish of the previous match, they had an in-ring segment.

As soon the pink and black flashed on the big screen, the fans in attendance knew who was on his way out. Bret walked out with the title in a bag to hide it from the world before revealing it for everyone to see.

After Bret introduced the title, Adam Page made his way out to shake Hart’s hand, but then MJF’s music hit. MJF introduced himself and then made fun of the incident at last month’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where a fan jumped in the ring and tackled Hart, as reported by The Inquisitr.

MJF said he wanted the title shot and swung at Hart, but the punch was ducked. Jungle Boy ran out to get in MJF’s face and Jimmy Havoc also came out to help. The three men stalked MJF until he backed up into Page, who knocked him out of the ring.

At that point, Bret Hart showed the AEW World Title off to the crowd, and the former WWE Hall of Famer had made a huge impact on the big night at Double or Nothing.