Aubrey O’Day Goes Nude Under Clear Skirt On Instagram

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Aubrey O’Day has been keeping things rolling on her Instagram with a colorful slew of new updates. In particular, one post received tons of attention, which showed her going nude under a clear skirt. The only thing she wore other than the skirt was a hat, knee-high boots, and jewelry. The skirt itself had an orange band around the top, but everything else was see through. Her jewelry included a very heavy and ornate necklace that cascaded down her chest, as well as rings and tons of bracelets on her right arm. Aubrey sat on top of an orange pouf and the backdrop was a black wall. Her makeup was very dramatic and highlighted her cheekbones and lips.

With that being said, O’Day’s newest post featured her legs, as she posed in an eye-catching pair of white, knee-high boots. She sat on top of a white chair with acrylic accents, wearing a red swimsuit with a front tie. She wore a leather jacket on top, which was black with white tassels, lapels, and pockets. Her backdrop was a patriotic red, white, and blue. Aubrey gave a sultry look as she played with her lips with her left hand, as she raised her left leg for the shot. Since it was posted five hours ago, as of this writing, the photo has received over 13,000 likes.

And that’s not to mention her third-newest Instagram post, which showed her from an interesting perspective. The zoomed out shot of Aubrey showed her standing on top of what looks like a roof, as she wore snakeskin patterned tights and a black strapless bodysuit. She stood with her hands on her hips and wore black sunglasses with her hair down in defined waves.

Previously, Aubrey opened up to Page Six about the music she had written at the time, which was around when she broke up with Pauly D.

“We’re making different music and we’re all in new stages of our lives, but there’s just something about this goal and rewriting the wrongs of the past that is so important artistically to me. It’s just so important to see things come full circle and it’s so important to really have true understanding of a situation. In so many exes and relationships that go back, everybody go their own ways and everybody protects themselves in their own ways and there have been times in the past that I’ve done that with grace and I’ve done that without grace.”

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