Princess Diana Crash Witnesses Saw Two ‘Dark Cars’ At Death Scene, But Police Didn’t Want To Hear Their Story

Bruno VincentGetty Images

An American couple says they still fear for their lives almost 32 years after the death of Britain’s Princess Diana after telling authorities that they saw two “dark cars” stop in front of the crashed Mercedes in which the princess was killed on August 31, 1997, in Paris, France. The couple, Jack and Robin Firestone, says that their sighting of the two cars has never been explained by investigators and that the cars’ presence proves that Diana’s tragic death at age 36 was “no accident,” according to an interview with Britain’s Daily Express newspaper published on Saturday.

Diana and Britain’s Prince Charles had finalized their divorce after a 15-year marriage just one year before her death, as recounts. The two were married in a royal wedding on July 29, 1981, viewed on television by an estimated audience of 750 million worldwide.

But the marriage was strained from the start and effectively ended in 1992 when the Prince and Princess of Wales officially separated. Despite the divorce, the former Lady Diana Spencer was permitted to retain her title of Princess of Wales. She was dating Egyptian-born businessman and Harrod’s department store heir Dodi Fayed at the time of her death. Fayed was also killed in the Paris crash, which took place in a tunnel near the Seine River about a half-mile from the Eiffel Tower, according to a CNN report.

The Mercedes S280 carrying Diana — driven by a chauffeur who was also killed — was reportedly traveling at about 80 miles per hour as it was being pursued by paparazzi on motorcycles when it slammed into a concrete post and then into the wall of the tunnel, according to the CNN account.

But just minutes after the crash, a taxi carrying the Firestones and their then-11-year-old son drove past the wreck before any emergency vehicles or police had arrived. According to a Daily Mail account, the couple — who say that at the time had no idea that the wrecked Mercedes contained Princess Diana — saw two “formal” and “awkwardly parked” cars positioned in front of the wrecked vehicle.

“I saw those dark cars, and they must have entered ahead of Diana’s,” Robin Firestone said, as quoted by The Mirror newspaper.

When they realized the following day that Diana was killed in the crash, they say they sought out a French police officer to report their account of the two mysterious cars they had witnessed. But according to their Express interview, the officer “without hesitation” told the Firestones that, “they have enough witnesses. Don’t worry about it.”

They finally gave authorities their eyewitness account two years later when billionaire Mohamed Fayed, the father of Dodi, called them to meet with his own legal team. The elder Fayed had publicly stated his belief that his son and the princess were, in fact, murdered.

Another witness, British lawyer Gary Hunter, also reported seeing the unexplained cars and said that he had the impression that one of the cars was “shielding” the other and that the second car may have collided with the Mercedes containing Diana, according to a Sun newspaper account.