WWE News: Bray Wyatt Apologizes To Chris Jericho, Sends Another Message To The Shield


Ever since Bray Wyatt returned to WWE television with the new gimmick that includes “Firefly Fun House,” things have taken some strange turns. At first, fans thought that he was going in an entirely different direction, but he’s taken a trip back toward the weird and demented. His actions on Twitter have also been quite strange as he’s apologizing to AEW star Chris Jericho and still seeking to get the attention of The Shield.

Wyatt has not been in the ring since last year and it’s expected that he’s going to return soon, but there is still no confirmed date. His “Firefly Fun House” segments have been incredibly weird, but they’ve become more and more popular each week with the fans.

The guy has always been kind of weird, but he’s taking things to different levels now.

Randomly on Friday, Wyatt took to Twitter to apologize to former WWE superstar Chris Jericho who is now a member of All Elite Wrestling. On the weekend that AEW was putting on Double or Nothing which features Jericho vs. Kenny Omega, Wyatt apologized to Y2J for all of the “strife” he put him through.

Back in 2012, Wyatt had a match in NXT against Jericho which he ended up losing. This was right after he had transformed from Husky Harris into the character/gimmick of Bray Wyatt.

It’s just really strange and he said that it was their match that put NXT into the “limelight.” For some reason, he’s wanting to go back-and-forth with Jericho who has absolutely nothing to do with WWE at this time and may never again.

After Wyatt made it up to the main roster, he ended up feuding with Jericho again.

Bray Wyatt poses over Chris Jericho in WWE.
Featured image credit: WWE

While the whole apology thing was rather odd, there was much more to Wyatt’s strange behavior on Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported that Wyatt hopped on Twitter and showcased some strange action. He addressed Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to try and get them to reunite The Shield with him as the third member.

Dean Ambrose has officially left WWE and it’s not yet known if he will ever be back, but The Shield is no more. On Friday, though, Wyatt continued his quest to get in touch with Rollins and Reigns, but he asked Jericho for assistance.

While this may all play into his new gimmick and strange behavior on WWE television, it’s just so odd that Bray Wyatt is involving Chris Jericho. There is a good chance that this whole thing may never go anywhere, but it certainly is helping keep Wyatt in the weird spotlight.