AEW News: Former WWE And TNA Star Returns To The Ring At ‘Double Or Nothing’

TNA Impact Wrestling

AEW already had a number of names from the past that were in WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, NJPW, and many other promotions on the roster. Some of the biggest talents and free agents signed with All Elite Wrestling upon its creation in January, but more are definitely coming. On Saturday night, a former WWE and TNA star made her huge debut at Double Or Nothing and fans were thrilled to see her.

The Inquisitr recapped the full events of Double or Nothing as the event took place, and it was a huge night for so many people. By the time the big Fatal Triple Threat Women’s Match was scheduled to start, the action had already been quite incredible for fans in attendance and watching at home.

Nyla Rose, Kylie Rae, and Britt Baker were set to face off in a Triple Threat, but Brandi Rhodes had something to say about that. She went out before the crowd and said that this was going to become a Fatal 4-Way, and some thought Brandi was going to insert herself into the bout.

No, she had bigger plans in mind, and that was when she introduced former TNA and WWE star Awesome Kong.

It was an absolutely huge moment as Awesome Kong walked out of the tunnel and into the arena. The women in the ring had some great looks on their faces as the immensely strong superstar made her way toward the ring.

The fans were in just as much shock as the women in the ring, but the lucky thing for them is that they didn’t have to face Awesome Kong’s wrath. It took only a few minutes for the fans in attendance to begin chanting “HOLY S**T!” after Kong entered the ring and stood across from her opponents.

As soon as the match started, Kong took out all three women to get things going in a hurry. It was a great match throughout its duration with all four women giving it absolutely everything they had.

At one point, Rose went up to the top rope but she got caught by Baker. Rae joined in on the fun and went up to help try and double suplex Rose off the top with Baker. That was when Awesome Kong joined in and took all three women down hard with a powerslam/double suplex.

After it was all over, Awesome Kong didn’t win the match, but she truly delivered even more star power to this already stacked night. It was a big victory for Dr. Britt Baker, but the women’s division of All Elite Wrestling keeps growing in fantastic ways.