May 25, 2019
A Boston Man Says An Intruder Entered His Home, Cleaned It, And Left

The majority of non-violent home invasions usually take place the same way. Burglars may scope out an area in advance and decide which homes they want to attempt to rob. Maybe they'll wait for the home owners to leave for work, or specifically target those without any cars in the driveway in hopes that no one is home. If a door has been left unlocked, their job is made all the easier.

However, in the case of one incident in Boston, a home invasion occurred that has left the home owner baffled and police stumped, according to CNN.

Nate Roman and his son live in a family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Earlier this month, Nate returned home with his son in the car with him. The boy ran ahead to the door to find it unlocked. Nate was surprised, but not yet concerned. He figured he had just forgotten to lock the door when he left that morning. But as soon as he entered his home he realized that something was off. He immediately wondered if someone had been in his home without his knowledge.

"[My son said], 'Dad! The door is unlocked.' Which I have done once every blue moon and didn't think anything of it. But when we walked in immediately there was a vibe that something was wrong in the house."
The first thing Nate noticed that was amiss was that a door he always kept open was closed. Nevertheless, that could still be explained in one way or another. It wasn't until he walked upstairs to his son's room that he knew without a doubt that an intruder had been in the home. The boy's room, which had been left in disarray that morning, was completely spotless. The rugs were vacuumed and the child's toys had been picked up and put away.
A picture Nate shared of the room shows all of his son's stuffed animals carefully lined up along his bed and his blankets neatly folded. Everything appears to be in its place. The only thing was that Nate hadn't done it and hadn't asked anyone to come clean for him.

At first, he suspected a cleaning service had stopped by, not realizing they were at the wrong house. That would explain the roses made of toilet paper he discovered in the bathroom, a small touch that was likely made by a professional. However, Nate's kitchen hadn't even been touched, adding to his confusion.

"No crime happened, nothing was missing or damaged, so the police have very little to go on," Nate said.