‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Fans Are Desperately Pleading For Show’s Renewal

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Earlier this month, ABC announced its decision to pull the plug on its new international spy drama series, Whiskey Cavalier, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Immediately after the announcement, fans took to social media in an effort to save the show, according to a report from Pop Culture.

The fan outcry pushed the network to take a second look at possibly renewing the series but in the end, ABC stuck to its original decision. On Friday, May, 24, creator David Hemingson took to Twitter to break the news to hopeful fans. Hemingson explained that ABC had decided to pass on renewing the show once again and that Whiskey Cavalier had been “fully and finally canceled.”

“Thank you all so, so much for your efforts on our behalf. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support,” Hemingson continued.

Despite the negative outcome, fans of the show did not give up. The passionate Whiskey Cavalier viewers decided to switch things up a bit and shifted their focus to begging streaming services to consider saving the show from cancellation, according to a separate report from Pop Culture. Hundreds of fans composed and posted tweets directed at steaming platforms, including Netflix, requesting a second season of the show.

“We have a very important question, is there still a chance for #WhiskeyCavalier to show up on another platform like @netflix? We really don’t want to give up on the show and we’re wondering if we can still #SaveWhiskeyCavalier?” one user tweeted.

“@netflix can you please pick up #WhiskeyCavalier???? We cannot rest especially after that finale,” another begged.

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The show follows a misfit group of spies as they secretly work to capture dangerous criminals. The show starred Lauren Cohan as CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge, Scott Foley as FBI Special Agent Will Chase, Ana Ortiz as FBI profiler Susan Sampson, Vir Das as CIA agent Jai Datta, Tyler James Williams as NSA analyst Edgar Standish, and Josh Hopkins as FBI Special Agent Ray Prince. Dylan Walsh as Alex Ollerman and Marika Domińczyk as Martyna “Tina” Marek also appeared in reoccurring roles.

Earlier in the season, it was revealed that Tina was preparing to betray the spy team. She infiltrated and posed as Standish’s girlfriend but had secretly been dating and working with Ollerman. During the season finale, the team came up with a plan to kill Tina but as the episode ended, viewers watched as Ollerman attacked Standish in the middle of the night. It’s unclear whether the NSA analyst will survive the attack on his life, and fans may never find out if the show stays canceled.

According to ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke, the decision to cancel Whiskey Cavalier was not an easy one. Burke explained that the network tried to find other time slots for the show but did not see a “real opportunity to grow.”