Dr. Drew Wants People To Leave Britney Spears Alone

John Sciulli & Morgan LiebermanGetty Images

“Leave Britney Alone” is an iconic phrase that became well-know around the world thanks to a viral YouTube video featuring a hysterical Chris Crocker who, more than a decade ago, cried as he pleaded for people to leave Spears alone.

TMZ caught up with celebrity shrink Dr. Drew Pinsky outside of the Sirius XM building to pick his brain on Britney’s conservatorship, the “Free Britney” movement and whether he thinks her family is currently doing the right thing.

Dr. Drew revived the “leave Britney alone” sentiment from the 2007 viral video by Crocker by stating that he believed people needed to give the pop star some space.

According to Dr. Drew, Spears’ father, Jamie, has been making all the right choices for his daughter for a significant period of time and deserves to be showered with respect because of it. The celebrity doctor, however, questions whether Jamie’s approach is the best course of action for his daughter’s latest issues as they continue to move forward with her treatment.

Pinsky told TMZ he believed Britney’s father deserved a round of applause for putting the pop star under conservatorship following her meltdown in 2008. The doctor believes Jamie’s actions are largely to thank for why the pop star was able to make a comeback and revive the successful career she once had.

In response to those claiming Jamie has held Britney against her will, Dr. Drew clarified it was important to understand Spears’ father was not just doing what he believed was best for his daughter, he was also obeying the law.

The famed shrink went on to note that he believes the “Free Britney” movement is ill conceived as the pop star may still be in need of a conservatorship. Pinsky, however, also felt that it may be time for someone new to step into the role.

“She may still need a conservatorship, but that’s up to the professionals to decide,” said Dr. Drew to the TMZ cameras.

“But in the meantime, leave Britney alone.”

As TMZ has previously reported, Jamie recently filed legal documents to start the process of making him Britney’s conservatorship in Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii.

While he is currently her conservatorship in the state of California, he fears some of the people involved in the “Free Britney” movement could attempt to move her to a different state where the conservatorship isn’t valid.

Sources close to the pop star’s family told TMZ the reason Jamie wants conservatorship extended to these three states is because Britney frequently travels to each of them.

To date, Britney Spears’ father has been her conservatorship for the past 11 years in the state of California.