Twitch Model Amouranth Flaunts Full, World-Famous Cleavage, Impossibly Curvy Derriere In Racy Instagram Images

Kaitlyn SiragusaInstagram

Perhaps one of the most famous faces on popular streaming platform Twitch, model Amouranth — real name Kaitlyn Siragusa — is certainly no stranger to lovers of video games, ASMR, or simply beautiful women. The many-faced model is well known for her ability to transform into any number of different characters, but in her most recent share, she seems to be more than content to portray herself for a change.

In this particular composite photo — one comprised of two different images ostensibly captured during the same shoot — Amouranth can be seen striking two very sultry poses. In the image on the left, the brunette bombshell faces the camera lens directly, her coy and coquettish gaze arresting her audience. The model’s world-famous cleavage is emphasized by her pose, her arms wrapped around her torso to impart a sense of shyness and vulnerability. Despite this, she sports a knowing smile, her lips painted a pretty nude hue. The tops of her thighs are barely visible within this snapshot but are further emphasized in the second image.

On the right side of the composite photo, Amouranth is shown in side profile, her pert posterior turned towards the onlooker. Her tiny mauve shorts are seemingly rolled up at the hem to expose even more of her sculpted booty, tantalizing her army of admirers in the process. The Twitch model’s toned thighs and long, slender legs are also showcased to great effect, eventually escaping the photographic frame.

In the caption attached to the images, Amouranth asked her followers to participate in the comments section, promising prizes to some of those who did so. It seems that her pleas fell on receptive ears, for the share accrued over 89,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments in short order.

“My celebrity crush used to be Megan Fox, right now it’s Margo Robbie,” one fan replied, answering Amouranth’s question about celebrity infatuations amongst her fan base.

“My celebrity crush is Gal Gadot,” a second follower remarked, adding to the earlier comment and punctuating their brief message with two heart-eyed emoji and a flame emoji.

“My celeb crush is Jennifer Lawrence, and fictional is Sansa Stark,” a third user quipped.

In a recent profile she conducted in collaboration with Paper, Kaitlyn Siragusa spilled a few details about her personal life. She’s 25, lives in Texas, and has a penchant for trolling. Frequently putting her fun-loving, wacky personality on display seems to come naturally for her, per the interview, and her fans simply can’t wait to see what she might share with them next.