Stella Maxwell Rocks Lacy Bra On Instagram

Stella Maxwell shared a photo from her trip to the French Riviera with her Instagram fans, and she's looking as great as ever. The model was spotted attending the Cannes Film Festival in a chic and sexy outfit, and she kept the theme rolling with a blazer and pants set in black with pink stripes. Underneath the blazer, Stella opted to go shirtless. Instead, she just wore a black, lacy bra. It had triangular lace accents on the bottom of the bra, and she accessorized with a diamond choker necklace. She gave a slight pout for the camera while wearing red lipstick, and wore her hair back in a casual bun. Maxwell was spotted standing outside on a small patio, with condos and the ocean visible in the backdrop.

And yesterday, Stella shared a photo of her Versace gown, which was certainly a head turner. It was a light blue dress with a very high slit on her left leg. There were silver feather-like accents on the one strap and on the bust, with more along her midriff. The model wore her hair down with a heavy left part with defined curls. Her lips popped thanks to the bright hue of lipstick, and she wore beautiful gem earrings that matched her dress.

While Maxwell often shares professional photos on her Instagram page, she sprinkles in personal goodies here and there. One of her newest, more casual photos was posted in late April and showed her sitting at a diner. Stella stuck her tongue out as she sat in a leather booth with tons of food on the table. She wore a white tank top and her hair half up, half down.

In other news, Stella opened up to Cleo recently and shared some of her advice and reactions to her work with Victoria's Secret.

"As a child your teachers and parents tell you that hard work pays off and I am not sure one can understand that saying until they experience that themselves. I have experienced that with VS, they are my peers and my colleagues and I am so thankful to be part of the family."
"To young models I would say be confident and strong. Love yourself and don't ever let anyone tell you you [sic] are not who you believe you truly are. Don't worry about comments on social media and about what other models are doing," added Stella.