Justin Bieber Dons Gas Mask, Goes Shopping In London

Justin Bieber wore a gas mask this week while shopping in London.


Well, the 18-year-old pop singer hasn’t given an explanation but it probably has to do with the throngs of screaming fans that chase him everywhere he goes and the dozens of photographers that try to capture his every move.

The pop star, who is currently on a world tour, was trying his best to be a regular tourist and apparently decided that he needed a disguise to enjoy his trip. So Bieber threw on his stylish gas mask and hit the town.

Of course, if you don’t want people to pay attention to you, wearing a gas mask probably isn’t the best disguise.

Bieber has had a few run ins with the paparazzi in the past and he’s one of the celebrities pushing for more strict privacy laws for celebrities. Justin is also reportedly trying to claim ownership of the pictures people take of him.

Here’s the photo of Justin Bieber wearing a gas mask.

justin bieber

What do you think of the gas mask look?

Bieber’s costume may be strange but Kanye West probably won the award for most bizarre outfit when he wore a black leather skirt and a yeti mask.