James McAvoy In Talks To Lead ‘The Crow’ Reboot [Report]

James McAvoy as The Crow?

Could James McAvoy play The Crow?

The X-Men actor is reportedly in talks to star in an upcoming remake/reboot of the cult classic The Crow, according to NME. The original 1994 film starred Brandon Lee as Eric Draven, a rock star who is murdered along with his girlfriend, Shelly. He is resurrected by a supernatural bird (hence: “The Crow”) to avenge the murder of his lover and of himself.

The film was based on the critically acclaimed 1989 comic book of the same name, written by James O’Barr.

The Crow was a huge box office hit at the time of its release, but the film was also plagued by tragedy. Brandon Lee was killed on the set of the film when actor Michael Massee fired a gun at him for a scene. The gun was not properly checked before shooting, and a bullet lodged itself in Lee’s spine. He died hours later at a hospital.

The Crow turned into a franchise, with three (progressively crappier) sequels and a short-lived (though acclaimed) Canadian television series based on the first film.

Reports of a Crow remake or reboot started making rounds in 2011, with Bradley Cooper originally attached to the Draven role. That project fizzled, but cult Spanish filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez is attached to direct a revived version of the project with a script by Jesse Wigutow.


According to Bloody Disgusting, McAvoy is “circling” the role of Eric Draven.

What do you think? Could you see James McAvoy as The Crow?