Melania Trump Draws Comparisons To Princess Diana As She Turns Heads In A $3,900 Calvin Klein Dress

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Melania Trump was turning heads as she prepared to depart for Japan, wearing a $3,900 Calvin Klein dress and battling wind in a scene reminiscent of Princess Diana.

The first lady was photographed in the dress as she and President Donald Trump boarded Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on Friday. As the Daily Mail noted, the attire was distinctly American.

“Although she was headed abroad, Melania paid homage to American culture with her white button-down dress featuring postcards of images from the West,” the report noted.

One shot in particular drew the attention of the British news outlet, with the sun hitting the dress just right to show off the former model’s long legs underneath. The Daily Mail noted a similarity to another iconic photo of a famous political figure.

“See it? It was reminiscent of the famous backlit photo of the late Princess Diana wearing a see-through skirt, which was taken when she was Prince Charles’s girlfriend in 1980,” the report noted.

Even before Melania and Donald started their trip to Asia, the first couple were making headlines for some unannounced visits to honor American troops. Earlier in the week, the two paid a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to pay respects to fallen American troops. As CNN reported, the couple laid flags in section 34 of the cemetery, including the headstones of Frank Buckles, who had been the last living veteran from World War I.

After departing for Japan, Donald and Melania made a pit stop in Anchorage, Alaska, where they met with close to 200 service members. Video showed Trump shaking hands, signing autographs, and taking a few selfies with the members of the armed services who are stationed in Alaska.

“Breathe that air – that’s real air,” Trump said as he walked across the tarmac to greet the service members.

Though the stop itself was short, it made an impression on those who came to greet the president, KTUU reported.

“The President made no prepared remarks, but said he loved Alaska, and mentioned the soon-to-come F-35 fighter jets. He signed one man’s Make America Great Again hat, and met another servicemember’s children while walking down the row of gathered soldiers and airmen,” the report noted.

It was not clear what role Melania Trump would be playing on the visit to Japan, but the first lady has not always been involved on her husband’s overseas trips, frequently staying behind in Washington when he visits other countries and attends summits with world leaders.