Ariel Winter Reportedly Feeling Sexy Following Weight Loss

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Ariel Winter is said to be feeling better than ever as she flaunts her new body following some recent weight loss.

According to Hollywood Life, the Modern Family star has been focusing on herself lately after revealing that she has lost some weight due to a change in her medication.

“Ariel has been completely focused on self care, especially within the last year. She’s always been extremely confident, but now more so than ever since she has leaned out and toned up,” an insider told the outlet.

“She drinks a lot of water and doesn’t really drink alcohol, either. She also doesn’t go out and party and is usually in bed at a very reasonable hour. She’s very low key and more of a homebody and enjoys eating in or cooking. It’s no surprise she’d want to change her look so drastically with her hair color just because she’s feeling so good about herself,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Winter has been open about her body confidence issues, and even revealed that she had undergone breast reduction surgery.

The source says that Ariel’s body took a while to heal from the surgery, but that she’s now feeling wonderful and has been doing things such as yoga and pilates to help tone up her body.

The insider says that part of Ariel Winter’s newfound confidence is due to her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, whom she is in a very “happy” relationship with.

As many fans know, Winter is often spotted headed to the gym, or wearing sexy dresses on the red carpet. She is also seen flaunting her legs, cleavage, and flat tummy in racy ensembles such as crop tops and Daisy Dukes.

Earlier this month, Ariel took to her Instagram account to reveal to her followers that she had dyed her long, dark locks a bright red color.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ariel recently told her fans on social media that the change in her anti-depressants caused her to drop some pesky pounds.

Winter told her followers that although she eats clean and works out, she still had trouble dropping the weight until she changed up her medication.

Meanwhile, the actress also revealed that she would like to gain a few of those pounds back in the form of muscle, and that she’d like to sculpt her backside in the process.

Fans can see more of Ariel Winter by following the Modern Family star on her Instagram account.